June 2018 Town Hall Meetings Hosted by CEO Marc Blackman

June 2018 Town Hall Meetings Hosted by CEO Marc Blackman

By Marc Blackman

About eight years ago we started a quarterly Town Hall Meeting program to allow me to meet with all Gold Eagle Team Members to explain the state of our business, report on key initiatives, share my thoughts and answer questions.  I hold seven small group sessions during a one-week period and prepare several weeks in advance.  This program has become my favorite project in my role as Gold Eagle’s CEO.

Indeed, as I travel within some of my industry and professional associations such as the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association and Conscious Capitalism and promote our Gold Eagle Brand, I’m often reminded of how wonderful it is that we are both dynamic and caring enough to host these Town Hall Meetings.  It’s gratifying to hear from so many business associates that our Town Hall Meetings are such an asset and exemplify why Gold Eagle Company is such a great company to work for.

As I prepare for this round of Town Hall Meetings, I recall recent Team Members’ questions: Am I being heard?  Do my suggestions matter? What do you mean by alignment?  What is empowerment? What is engagement? How can I be innovative? What is transformation?  Am I a leader? What can I do to help?

As I think about these questions, it occurred to me that rather than ME answering these questions and providing answers, WE need to address these questions, together.

I’m asking for your help.

As each of us prepares for the June Town Hall Meetings, please think about answers to some of these questions, bring them with you, and share them:

  • What does alignment mean to ME?
  • What can I do to be innovative?
  • How do WE embrace and encourage OUR family culture?
  • How can I demonstrate leadership?
  • How can I be truly excellent in MY role?
  • How can I inspire MY colleagues every day?
  • How can I be the CEO of MY own role?

I continue to ask for feedback from our Team Members and challenge all of us to be innovative, seek to improve and develop personal leadership skills while I strive to develop deeper relationships among all members of our Gold Eagle Family.

It is my pleasure to initiate conversations and create meaningful experiences so we all can connect with our purpose and continue creating our special culture.

I’d like this round of Town Hall Meetings to begin a dialogue to discuss these issues and why they are important, and then take action to address them.

I look forward to seeing you!

With Love and Respect,


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  • Thanks, Marc. I’m looking forward to the June Town Hall Meetings.