OEM Program Information

Gold Eagle Company offers an OEM Program to manufacturers for both our STA-BIL® and 303® brands.

The purpose of our OEM Program is to help consumers learn how to properly care for the product(s) they purchase from you by introducing them to STA-BIL® or 303® Products. Our end goal is to build a strong, mutually beneficial partnership with the companies that join our OEM Programs.

Join the OEM Program

How Can You Benefit?

  • Increase customer satisfaction – the quality of your product is upheld time and time again.
  • Reduce warranty claims – instruct customers to properly care for and maintain products.


  • Literature pieces to educate your consumers on how to properly care for their purchases.
  • Customer rebates to incentivize their first purchase of 303® or STA-BIL® products.
  • Sample size products to include in the packaging of your products.
  • Bulk 303® or STA-BIL® product to use during the manufacturing process.
  • Promotional opportunities to reach additional consumers.
  • Our engineering staff can serve as copy consultants, providing advice and content for your owner’s manual and literature.