303® OEM Program

Our 303 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Program is a sampling and educational partnership program that allows us to partner with your company to help inform and educate your customers on how to keep the products they purchase from you looking newer and lasting longer.

303 is a line of premium protectants and cleaners that help keep products clean and protected from the elements. By working together, we help to ensure that your customers stay happy with the products they purchase from you and continue enjoying them for years to come.

Join the 303® OEM Program

4 Reason Why You Should Join the 303 OEM Program

1. Education

Your customers want to clean and protect their investments, but often times do not know the correct products to use. Our literature can help educate them on a variety of topics: from how to protect their vinyl, rubber, and plastics from fading and cracking (caused by the sun’s damaging UV rays), to cleaning and restoring lost water repellency to their outdoor fabrics. We offer an assortment of marketing materials to help educate your customer on how to properly protect their investment from the start, which can prolong the life of their purchase, and also helps you reduce the number of warranty claims you receive.

2. Samples and Trials

We encourage all of our OEMs to include a sample of our 303 product(s) with the product they sell. This is the best way to get 303 into the hands of the customer and encourage proper cleaning habits from the start. We have a variety of different options available for sampling purposes, depending on your need.

3. Bulk Treatment

We also offer a bulk product treatment program that allows OEMs to use 303 products during the manufacturing process. We offer a variety of sizes under this program, depending on your needs.

4. Promotional Opportunities

303® partners with the best manufacturers in their respective industries and we want to make sure we promote their brands every chance we get. We encourage all of our OEMs to provide their company/brand logo for us to promote as industry events they may otherwise not attend. We include various OEMs in digital promotion, trade advertisements, personalized videos, and other marketing efforts.