STA-BIL® OEM Program

Our STA-BIL® OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Program is an educational partnership that allows us to partner with gasoline and diesel-powered equipment manufacturers across a variety of industries. This program is designed to educate consumers about proper fuel and equipment storage and how to properly maintain the piece of equipment they purchase. Working together with the OEMs, our goal is to decrease the amount of fuel related warranty claims manufacturers receive each year.

Join the Program

5 Reasons Why You Should Join the STA-BIL® OEM Program

1. Education

End consumers are aware of the damaging effects of ethanol, however, many do not realize the importance of protecting their equipment from the very start. Include an industry specific STA-BIL® brochure that educates consumers about proper protection needed to prevent corrosion caused by gum, carbon, and varnish deposits from forming. Let your consumers know they can save money and their equipment by not draining the tank. Proper fuel maintenance will keep fuel fresh and eliminate the need to drain fuel prior to storage. It’s a great way to save money and protect their equipment all storage season.

2. Free-Bate Offers

All STA-BIL® brochures come with a free bottle rebate (up to $10.00 value). This is the best way to encourage the first STA-BIL® purchase and form the habit of fuel protection from the start.

3. Bulk Treatment

Did you know fuel starts to go bad in as little as 30 days? We understand that many manufacturing facilities use fuel during test-runs and inside operations before their products are shipped and sold. Make sure the fuel used in-house is protected with STA-BIL® to ensure corrosion doesn’t begin on the retail sales floor.

4. Consult with Fuel Experts

Our expert engineering staff can serve as copy consultants, reviewing the fuel maintenance and storage section of your owner’s manual.

5. Promotion Opportunities

STA-BIL® partners with the best manufactures in their respective industries and we want to make sure we promote their brands every chance we get. We encourage all of our OEMs to provide their company/brand logo for us to promote as industry events they may otherwise not attend. We include various OEMs in digital promotion, trade advertisements, personalized videos, and other marketing efforts.