Salisia Webber: 2018 Team Member of the Year

In the digital and ecommerce arena the pressure is intense, the work is demanding and the tasks are unrelenting.  There is no rest, there is no downtime, there is no margin for error and the stakes are high.  Key Performance Indicators, Conversion Rates, Click Throughs and Analytics rule the day.  It’s tough.

You need expertise in the latest technology and systems, with little to no time to ramp up.  And it’s this way 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Ecommerce and digital business does not stop.  Ever.

What’s even tougher is working in this pressure cooker while keeping your cool, and maintaining your confidence while staying abreast and ahead of trends and tactics.  Doing all of this with a positive attitude, a spirit of fun and passion, with radiance, a collaborative style and a sense of humor would be too much for anyone… right? Not for Salisia Webber.

Salisia Webber is committed to providing the best possible solutions for our customer’s websites, which in turn provide the best possible experience for our consumers.

In addition to her contributions to Gold Eagle, Salisia is a community volunteer and a passionate crusader for social justice.  She has been recognized with leadership awards from a variety of social and educational institutions, and is an accomplished event organizer for noteworthy non-profit organizations.

Congratulations Salisia Webber on being named a 2018 Team Member of the Year.  You make Gold Eagle a best in class partner and a great place to work.

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