Heroes’ Hand Sanitizer Compliant With WHO & FDA Guidelines

By Marc Blackman, CEO

Heroes’™ Hand Sanitizer from Gold Eagle Co. is using an approved World Health Organization (W.H.O.) ethanol-based formula. A formula that comes with a scent that can resemble a sweet-smelling whiskey or tequila. It smells like this because it is grain alcohol and a close relative of the distilled spirits we consume. However, there is an important distinction. By law, the ethanol in the Heroes’™ Hand Sanitizer must be denatured, which means strong bittering agents have been added to make personal consumption almost impossible.

Gold Eagle Company is following that formula, along with distribution guidelines from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), to the letter of the law. We are also producing Heroes’™ with the most refined, & clean ethanol available to us on the market. Other products are following the same formula but using less-refined ethanol, which can come with a sour or rancid smell.

So, why not add a fragrance to the product? It comes back to our decision to follow the exact specifications of the W.H.O. formula. Adding a fragrance will not alter the efficacy of the product, but the W.H.O. does not allow that option in their approved formulation due to the sensitivity many individuals have to fragrances. Some people may be allergic, and others may experience a negative respiratory response due to sensitivity. For this reason, and to accommodate the broad base of users who need this product, we are adhering to the W.H.O. formula 100 percent.

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Gold Eagle’s corporate purpose is to “Protect & Preserve the Things You Love”. Accordingly, we are doing all we can to produce needed products of the highest quality that meet all known government standards. We will never do anything but follow the letter of the law to meet both our standards and the needs of the community.

If you have any questions, the Gold Eagle team is here to answer them, please visit: http://www.heroeshandsanitizingrub.com/

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