Gold Eagle Co. Announces Focus on Innovation Ahead of 2022 90th Anniversary

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By Marc Blackman, CEO.

Innovation at Gold Eagle is more than developing new products. When we find new solutions to current problems or improve internal processes that optimize key resources, we are demonstrating innovation. In our evolution as an organization, we continue to innovate by connecting with our customers and consumers, enabling new product development, and creating efficiencies in how we operate.

As we prepare for our 90th Anniversary in 2022, I am pleased to announce our commitment to innovation with the following promotions:

Matt Banach has been named Executive Vice President of Market Innovation and will have full responsibility for New Product Development and Innovation to meet and exceed consumer expectations. He will also operate as the Gold Eagle Brands/Operations Liaison involving Packaging, Supply Chain Solutions and Product Management/Forecasting to ensure continued innovation across all departments within the organization. Banach joined Gold Eagle in 2011 as a Technical Sales Representative and has held the positions of Event Manager, Brand Creative Director, and most recently Vice President of Marketing.

Additionally, in support of the company’s product and marketing innovative efforts, Jennifer Robertson has been named Director of Marketing with full-scope responsibility for Consumer Insights & Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, and Event Marketing.  Robertson joined Gold Eagle in 2001 and has held many positions within Brand Management playing an integral role over the years in helping build the majority of the company brands, most notably STA-BIL® and 303®.

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