TriNova® Shower Door Cleaner

SKU: 33104


  • GET CLEAN GLASS – hard water stains on doors are gross and unsightly. It seems like regular bathroom products, even the best cleaners and supplies, don’t work. That’s because most of these deposits are mineral and need a specialty cleaner.
  • VERSATILE – You want clean tile, grout, chrome, aluminum, fixtures, stone, or other bathroom surfaces. Our shower door cleaner was designed for glass but, secretly, it can tackle any job. DON’T TELL ANYONE!
  • EASY TO USE – Simply spray on and wipe off. Use whatever method you prefer: towel, rag, long handle brush, cleaning tools, heavy duty wipes, squeegee, drill attachment, cloth, robot, sponge, microfiber, blade devices, hose, whatever! Just let it sit for a moment and wipe your way to sparkling glass.
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