TriNova® Clay Bar Kit

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  • PREMIUM PAINT PREP – whether you’re applying wax by hand or using an orbital polisher machine, this automotive detail cleaning set is exactly what you need to take away contaminants from your paint.
  • ALL IN ONE SOLUTION – you can buy all these items separately, lube, bottles, claybars, mitt, towel, and more sometimes kits even have gloves or a heavy sponge system. Instead of that, our kit contains all the products you need to get started. Supplies include: spray luber, clay, with a plush cloth for your vehicle.
  • DONT FAIL THE BAG TEST – If you’ve never used a fine clay system before on your cars, the difference is incredible. This simple tool beats most equipment in terms of removing brake dust and embedded metal. A soap cannon for foam is fun, but no gel wand can do the work of a good clay bar. If you are skeptical: take a common plastic bag, and put your hand inside before running it over the surface of your paint. It will be rough, even if you just washed the car. After clay: smooth as glass!
  • SERIOUS ENTHUSIASTS – if you just want to run your car through the conveyor wash every once in a while, this product isn’t for you. Taking the time to clay your entire car is an act of love, reserved for people who truly cherish their vehicles. If you want to treat your car like it’s your baby, step up your game.
  • 18 fl oz / 540 mL
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