If It’s The Season For Yardwork,
It’s The Season For STA-BIL®.


sta bil fast fix 8oz landing

STA-BIL® Fast Fix – Correct rough starts for gasoline-based engines. Cleans carbon deposits from carburetors and injectors so you don’t have to disassemble the engine to fix fuel-related issues. 1 oz treats 2.5 gallons.


Keep Engines Running Smooth

bottle of STA-BIL 360 Protection

STA-BIL® 360° Protection – Everyday ethanol treatment for OPE & small engines. Cleans entire fuel system for improved power & efficiency. Use 1 oz per 5 gallons of fuel to keep engines operating at peak performance.


Prevent Clogging & Stay Protected

bottle of STA-BIL Ceramic Pro-GuardSTA-BIL® Ceramic Pro-Guard – Easy ceramic protection for lawn mowers. Non-stick formula prevents grass from building up in the mower deck & stops corrosion in its tracks. Simply spray on & give it time to cure.


Ready. Willing. STA-BIL®.
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Gets It Going!

You know the drill…each year you go to fire up the weed eater or leaf blower and it barely runs, causing a trip for service or installing a fuel line kit yourself. One application of STA-BIL FAST FIX to the fuel tanks and within 10-15 minutes of operation, full power and full throttle operation magically returns. Great stuff!


Fast fix it works!

Used it in my mower, it always has started on third pull and I want it to stay that way, it’s over 12 yrs. old runs well. I used “Fast Fix” in my neighbors mower that he neglects, it didn’t want to start, put about an ounce of “Fast Fix” in tank and little down carb. Took a few pulls, it started and ran well then as well as rest of this summer season. Neighbor said what is that – jet fuel! Great product!


Ceramic Pro Guard

One of the best products from 303 and actually I have not bought any products from 303 that did not do what was described on the label. Ceramic Pro Guard is one of the best. I used it on my lawn mower/snow blower/snow shovels and I am sure I will find more uses. 303 needs to make larger containers!!!

Trust STA-BIL® To Keep Your OPE & Small Engines Running

STA-BIL Fogging Oil

STA-BIL Small Engine Pro

22005 sta bil carb choke cleaner videocover

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