For 60 years, STA-BIL, America’s #1 selling and trusted fuel stabilizer, has helped consumers protect their cars, boats and small engines from the inside out. What began as one product has evolved to more than 25, and while plenty has changed in America’s fuel consumption habits in six decades, one thing has remained the same – customers can always depend on STA-BIL to keep their engines running smoother, longer.
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Week to Wicked
To celebrate the 60th anniversary of STA-BIL®, we’ve teamed up with HOT ROD’s Week to Wicked to build a shop truck.  April 16-20, the team will be working on a 1958 Chevrolet Apache that will be getting the full front-to-back treatment, including an LS3, new rear axle, aftermarket front and rear suspension, upgraded brakes and a new interior.

Be sure to check back here during the build week for updates, or follow along on STA-BIL’s Facebook page.

Week to Wicked - Day One

Day One of Week to Wicked began with the production team getting setup, filming introductions, and drive-bys. After the production team was good to go, the Week to Wicked team got to work and knocked out a lot of tasks on the checklist – The entire front end, drivetrain, suspension and more of the 1958 Chevy Apache truck was removed.

Once the team got it down to the bare bones, the front cross member was welded in and painted, making the truck ready for the Chevy Performance LS3 motor and Gearstar trans.

Week to Wicked - Day Two

Huge progress was made during Day Two of the Week to Wicked build! The Chevy Performance LS3 and Gearstar trans were dropped in which will provide 430 horsepower and an automatic overdrive transmission, exhaust manifolds test fitted, rear suspension and brakes removed, and so much more!

While the exterior was being worked on, one of the guys was in the cab making final preparations for the Painless Wiring Kit and gauge cluster from Dakota Digital.

Week to Wicked - Day Three

The drivetrain was mocked up, and then fully installed on Day Three of our Week to Wicked build. The master cylinder, steering column, and brake lines were installed, and the wiring was begun for the Dakota Digital dash.

The amount of parts that we started with at the beginning of the week is quickly shrinking and the Hot Rod team is on track to finish this 1958 Chevy Apache by the end of the week.

Week to Wicked - Day Four

Day Four was productive as the Hot Rod team installed the fuel system, hung the exhaust, bled the brakes, and finished the wiring for the gauges, along with several other items.

The to-do list is still pretty lengthy, but it’s mostly filled with tasks that can be taken care of quickly since the team works together so well. Day Five will finish up the build so we can burn some rubber!

Week to Wicked - Day Five

The build is complete!  After five long days in the shop, the Hot Rod team has built a 1958 Chevy Apache truck that is worthy of Week to Wicked.  Even though there were a few issues getting the LS3 fired up, the team worked through them quickly and was able call the week a success.

The Hot Rod team celebrated the completion of a Week to Wicked build the usual way they do.  Burnouts are a necessity, right?