Whether new or used, there’s nothing like the shine of a freshly cleaned, detailed, and waxed ride. Beauty is much more than shiny paint and flashy chrome. Everyone wants that new car look and feel, but protecting your car is an investment in it­­s years on the road.

Changing tires regularly, rotating them, and inspecting them for damage are all steps that are pretty top of mind to keep your wheels on the road. But what about keeping your tires clean to prevent future damage?

303® Tire Coating & Protectant

Give your tires that NEW Tire look with 303® Tire Coating & Protectant.  This foaming formula provides a satin finish, protects the rubber surface from damaging UV rays, and is sling free!  This product is water based with no harmful silicones, and will not dry out the rubber like other solvent based products out there.

303® Tire Coating & Protectant Product Shot

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303 High Gloss Tire Shine & Protectant

303 High Gloss Tire Shine & Protectant is designed to bring your tires to life with a wet, glossy look. Unlike most other tire shines, this product is a water-based formula that does not contain any harmful silicones which can dry out and damage your car’s tires. It lasts weeks, not days, and provides superior UV protection. 303 High Gloss Tire Shine & Protectant also has less sling than other products on the market and is paint safe so any sling that does occur can be wiped off harmlessly.

30395 303® high gloss tire shine protectant min

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303® Tire and Rubber Cleaner

Dirty tires are an eyesore on any vehicle. Clean it up with 303® Tire and Rubber Cleaner. Great for tires and any other rubber parts, especially rubber floor mats! This fast acting formula removes tire browning, dirt, grime, and any other road particles quickly and easily. This product is also great for cleaning your wheels.

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