TriNova® Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner

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  • A safe, all-natural cleaner powered by plants
  • All-purpose formula makes it versatile enough to use on all kinds of spills and stains
  • Tough on grease and grime
  • Works effectively on most surfaces, including glass, tile, floors, countertops, and more
  • Contains a natural aromatic scent made from white tea and thyme extract

2 Pack – 32 fl oz/946 ml (64 oz)


About the TriNova Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner

We believe that your best stuff deserves a specialized cleaner. We make specific products for almost every surface, but we’re also not naïve. Sometimes you just need a workhorse – something that can tackle kitchen messes and kid grime, bathroom accidents and dining room spills. And wouldn’t it be nice if that product wasn’t a toxic brew of harsh chemicals and solvents?

We’ve worked hard to develop a formula that meets our rigorous green standard: safe for your family, effective at cleaning and made from all natural sources. And it smells great! Our custom scent is a unique blend of white tea and thyme extract. When people first try this product – the first thing out of their mouth is “Oh wow – that smells nice!” Don’t believe me? Pick up a bottle; if you don’t love it we’ll refund the purchase price – that’s our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


You can use the TriNova All Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner on any surface that can safely be dampened with water.

  • Spray product onto surface
  • All product to saturate for up to two minutes for tough, dried on messes
  • Wipe clean with included microfiber cloth, or desired absorbent towel.

For reflective surfaces:

  • Follow instructions above
  • Wipe again with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel to buff

For Stainless Steel:

Sorry everyone – we tried to make the perfect cleaning product, but there is still a little bit of streaking. For best results, follow the ‘reflective surfaces’ instructions above, and make sure to wipe with the grain of the stainless steel.