303® Total Wash Collection

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Our 303 Total Wash Collection contains everything you need to achieve a deep gloss and a streak-free shine on your vehicle. Our specially designed Grit Guard Bucket keeps dirt and grime off of your wash mitt and vehicle during washing. Use the Waffle Weave Towel to dry your ride off when your wash is finished.

303® Ultra Concentrated Car Wash

  • Leaves a clean, streak free shine
  • pH neutral - won’t strip wax or coatings
  • Ultra-Concentrated (Use only 1oz. to 5 gallons of water)
  • High foam formula
  • Provides a deep gloss finish
  • Great bubble gum scent
$9.99 $8.20

303® Bucket

  • Traps dirt at the bottom of the bucket
  • 5 gallon 303 bucket
  • Assists in keeping your wash mitt clean
  • Helps paint stay scratch free
$29.99 $24.59

303® Wash Mitt

  • Scratch free
  • Hand fitting snug design
  • Deep cleansing soft microfiber strands, to remove dirt and grime
  • Great for the 2 bucket wash method
  • Washable for reuse
$7.99 $6.55

In stock

303® Waffle Weave Drying Towel

  • Scratch and streak free
  • Disperses water on contact
  • Leaves a streak free finish
$12.99 $10.65
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