303® Paint Correction Pads Bundle


Does your vehicle have swirl marks, orange peel, or just no longer has that glossy show room shine?  The 303® Paint Correction Pads bundle can make your car’s paint look as good as new.

All three polishing pads can be used with the Rotary or DA Polisher of your choice.  They are designed to dissipate heat from the foam, and reduce surface temperatures and risk of damage to the paint.  Great for curved and countered panels, as well as for precision polishing in tight areas.

303® 6.5” Orange Compounding Pad

  • Removes up to 1,500 grit scratches
  • Works great for light to moderate scratches and swirls
  • For use with 303® Compound

303® 6.5” Blue Polishing Pad

  • Offers light cutting ability
  • Removes light scratches and swirls
  • Leaves surface ready for a wax, coating, or sealant
  • For use with 303® Polish

303® 6.5” Black Finishing Pad

  • For use with 303® Finishing Polish
  • Removes light hazing or blemishes
  • Helps spread on even coats of waxes, glazes or sealants
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