Keep your bike looking as new as the day you got it

New STA-BIL SPORT Bike Cleaner & Protectant spray is the simple, 2-in-1 way to clean your bike and shield it from the elements.


In minutes, you can keep your bike looking as good as new with STA-BIL SPORT Bike Cleaner & Protectant spray – here’s how:

  • Spray and wipe to powerfully clean and easily remove dirt and grit, leaving your bike shiny new
  • Protect surfaces with its fast-drying formula that leaves an invisible shield to guard against water, moisture, salt, & UV rays — preventing rust, corrosion, and fading for up to five weeks!
  • Revive dull finishes
  • Safely apply on bike surfaces including: metal, carbon fiber, rubber, plastic, vinyl, and leather. (Do not use on brake pads)

STA BIL Sport Bike Cleaner And Protectant Spray Bottle


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clean & protect the bike you love in minutes

You love your bike — it’s an investment you want to last a long time. But exposure to damaging dirt, grit, water, dust, salt, and UV rays can cause poor performance, rust, corrosion, dulling and discoloration — all shortening its lifespan.

STA-BIL Sport Bike Cleaner and Protectant spray is engineered to keep bicycles looking showroom new. Exactly what you’d expect from the brand that for over 60 years has protected & preserved millions of vehicles, boats, and outdoor power equipment.

Just Spray and Wipe STA-BIL Sport Bike Cleaner and Protectant [image of spray bottle and bike]
Cleans away dirt and grime

Our specialized formula contains a powerful cleanser that quickly and easily removes the nasty dirt, grit, dust, and salt that can damage your bike — just spray on and wipe off.

STA-BIL Sport Bike Cleaner and Protectant lasts for up to 5 weeks [Image of bike with water beads shielded]
Protects from harmful elements

After cleaning, STA-BIL Sport Bike Cleaner & Protectant dries quickly, leaving a non-greasy invisible shield that protects your bike from rust, corrosion, and UV RAYS.

STA-BIL Sport Bike Cleaner and Protectant can help revive dull finishes [image of sides of bike tires looking dull before and like new after]
Revives dull finishes

STA-BIL Sport Bike Cleaner & Protectant can restore a more vibrant look to dull, weathered surfaces like carbon fiber, rubber, and plastic.


This product will provide protection for up to 5 weeks.

If water beading stops occurring or dust and grime start to cling onto the bike, this is a good indicator that it is time to reapply.

  • Do not use on brake pads or where the tire touches the road or ground. 
  • For tougher jobs or protection deep in nooks & crannies, spray directly on surface and wipe off.