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Gold Eagle Testimonials

If you would like to submit a testimonial for one of our products please contact us and let us know what you think!


Just wanted to let you know that Sta-bil is phenomenal. When fuel prices started climbing steeply after 2002, we ended up putting our Seadoos in long term storage. We put Sta-bil in the tanks and used up most of the fuel before parking them. After 10 years we decided to return back to the lake with both machines. I knew that Sta-bil always was a good product, but there would have to be some limitations to how long it would continue to be effective. After such an extensive amount of storage time I was expecting having to rebuild the carburetors, if not everything else in the fuel systems. We put a bit of fresh gasoline in each machine, and to my absolute amazement,both started up and ran perfectly. We've run both machines for several hours this year, and had no problems at all.


I added Sta-Bil to the tank of my little 15-hp genset, and, two years later (just tonite, with Debbie threatening), that baby started right up and kept running. NOW THAT'S A GOOD
PRODUCT! I'm thinking of adding it to my martinis.

Good show, guys..

Sarasota, FL

Thanks to Sta-Bil Ethanol Treatment, it appears I will NOT be having a stress-induced heart attack due to a tank of bad gas. After the hesitation, jumping, inability to accelerate became much worse, and included a flashing engine light, I put a bottle of this product into the tank, and by the next day, my car began to run like a charm. Amazing! Kudos for a terrific product!

Lorraine K.

Filled up my '68 Coupe de ville 5 yrs ago & used the standard 10 oz dose of Stabil thinking I might not drive it so much in the coming year. Well the water pump went out taking out the smog pump & long story short it's taken 5 yrs for me to burn that tank of gas. The car still cranks great with 5 yr old Ethanol blended gas. You can bet Stabil is going back in when I refill later this week! Will probably go with a 20oz dose this time.

Steve C.
Memphis, TN

I tried StaBil in my John Deere rinding mower. It was running rough. After using StaBil for the last two seasons, it runs great. What a difference! I craked it this morning after sitting for the winter, it ran strong and smooth. Thank You StaBil

Montrose, AL

I was introduced to STA-BIL in the mid 1960's as a teenager while working at a boat yard on Long Island NY and saw first hand the advantages of using a fuel stabilizer. In the spring those customers who followed our recomendations and used used STA-BIL had no trouble starting their boat motors. I purchased a new two cycle outboard powered boat several years ago and since taking delivery I have always added Marine STA-BIL at every fill up and have never had any fuel related problems even with E10 fuel. Thank you for making a truely useful product that performs as advertised and then some.


3-5 years ago I bought a pressure cleaner from Home Deport.  The employee from Home Depot suggested I buy some STA-BIL Fuel STA-BIL as well.  This equipment was stored in my garage for 3 years and not touched.   I had to clean my driveway and on 3 pulls of the rope the pressure cleaner started right up and I contribute 100% of this success to STA-BIL!  I feel it is my duty to call and let you know this.  I am very pleased and will continue to use your STA-BIL.  Congrats on a job well done!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am a firm believer of STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer.

I was a head mechanic in a power equipment repair and sales business for 10 years.

In my own experience my portable gasoline powered generator had been sitting in a shed for 4 years. I brought it out after Hurricane Irene and it started on the 4th. pull of the recoil cord, thanks to Sta-Bil! As each gasoline can is emptied I automaticly install Sta-Bil before refilling them. All of my personal power equipment has Stabilized fuel in it.It has payed off. I keep 2 bottles of Sta-Bil on hand at all times. Thank you Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer!

Westbrook, CT

In 1999 I purchased a brand new 1999 Toyota Tacoma Truck.  This vehicle is my pride and joy and today only has 38 original miles on it and has been parked in a finished garage.  This vehicle still has the original 1999 fuel in it which was treated with STA-BIL.  This vehicle will still start and run thanks to STA-BIL.  STA-BIL is #1!

Conneaut, OH

In 1999 I installed a Generac 6250 Watt generator with a switching station in my basement.

I added gas to try it and then some Sta-Bil. I have never had to use the generator, but never drained the gas. It has been 12 years, I added some fresh gas,started immediately. Great stuff Sta-Bil



This is a great product. I stored my generator with Sta-Bil in the gas after Hurricane Wilma was over. I just pulled it out today and set the choke, and with one pull of the recoil it started immediately. I am amazed. I had expected to have to take the carb apart to clean it before it would run. A bottle of Sta-Bil is well worth the cost of the bottle if you need to store fuel. This product does exactly what it claims and then some. My advice is to double the dose. You will definately not regret it.

Luad, FL

I've used your Sta-Bil additive for several years now and I'm still amazed at what it does. I don't claim to understand it, but I'm glad it works!

Charleston, WV

My polaris 400 2-stroke sport quad has been sitting,stored in my dad's barn for almost 6yrs. The only thing I did before I stored it,in 05, was run the gas out of the carburator. It started on the second pull. I had to use the recoil since the battery was dead. I couldn't believe it started! The only thing I did was double up on the fuel stabilizer since I didn't know when the next time would be when I'd be able to ride my quad again.

Thanks for a great product

Warren, MI

I have been using Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer for years, boat gas tanks, tractor, mowers etc. I pulled a mower out from under the shed yesterday it had not been started in almost 2 years . I hit the primer three times and pulled the cord ONCE it fired up just like it had been run the day before. What a great product!!!

Salem, IN

Back in 2004 Fl was hit by several hurricanes back to back to which I had to purchase a chain saw for cleanup. I added sta-bil to the fuel and after use packed up the chainsaw placing it in storage still with gas in the tank. 7 years later in 2011 I had to pull it out of storage to cut down my neighbors dead tree and noticed it still had the gas in it from 2004. I decided to try it, to see if the sta-bil held out for that amount of time. After four pulls the chain saw fired up and I fell the tree with the rest of the gas in the tank with no problems. Wow! after 7 years, it still was good. That surpasses the 6 month claim by the company.


I have 11 small OPE engines of various types, ranging from small 2-cycle to larger twins. I've used Sta-Bil in every can of fuel (at 4oz/5gal rate) routinely for years. We've had 10% ethanol here for about 4-5 years, too. I have to say, there has not been a single fuel-related issue in any of those engines, ever. Most of them are seasonal/intermittent usage too, so the fuel has plenty of opportunity to sit around. And despite that, NOT ONE fuel/carburetor problem. Ever. It's amazing stuff and well worth the price. I'd give it six stars if they allowed it.

Stan Robinson
Lehigh Valley, PA

My brother was having issues with his 92 Oldsmobile Achieva. We took it for a test drive and it died every 5min of driving. After adding 3oz of STA-BIL to his 14-15 gallon tank of gas we took it for another test drive. This time the car did not die at all and the idle was much smoother(we had though the idle problem was from the age of the car). You just earned two lifetime customers, your product is amazing.

Toledo, OH

I have used this product for years. I realize fuel will lose potency over time no matter what you do to it in long term storage. But I always put double doses in all my gas cans because I never know when I will use my mower, weed eater, blower for the last time for the season and put it up for the winter. I never have trouble starting any of the above beginning of the next season. Plus, I just got my chain saw out since we have had bad storms lately, and are expecting a busy hurricane season this year. Just wanted to make sure it was ready to go. Have not used it in at least five years. Got it out, fueled it up with fresh fuel, cranked it right up like I just used it yesterday. I used Sta-bil in the fuel the last time I used it. So long term storage of fuel stability aside, it is great for storing equipment long term it you want it to start easily when you do finally get it out to use.


I am a big fan of STA-BIL products! I use them in my boat, truck, and all other kinds of other equipment around my home and shop. Your products help keep all my equipment running in top shape and everything always starts when I need it too.

Greenville, NC

I am blessed to have the best boats and motors available to me. When I get on my boat all I want to do is turn the key and go fishing. Marine Formula Sta-Bil makes sure that my engine starts and runs perfect every time!

-Capt. Rich Tudor

I went to Wal-Mart a few days ago to replenish my supply of Sta-Bil----------they have it available in large containers. I grabbed two of them and headed for the cashiers. I hadn't quite made it out of the aisle before I heard a voice------"That stuff's no good!". I turned and saw what one might reasonably accurately describe as a "Wal-Mart Shopper". He was pointing to my cargo. How so?----says I. Long story short------he had used some----and none of his "stuff" had started right up (until after tending to such irksome details as new spark plugs (and wires in one case), air filters, jury-rigged ignition switches, dead batteries and whatnot). I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I pursued alternative Number One-----------and did nothing.

It occurred to me you probably hear such tales from many disgruntled users, and I thought you might like to hear from a satisfied customer. I have perhaps eleven gasoline powered lawn and garden toys. I have used nine of them within the last two weeks. None of them had been used since early December of last year. A couple of them hadn't been used since early October of last year. These toys range in age from three to fifteen years old-----------and  I haven't used the two newest ones yet this year.

Every single one of them started immediately! Actually, I lied a little bit. My edger did start on the first try, but then died----because your "stuff is no good". I'm quite certain it died because the tube from the primer button (pump) was virtually empty, so the requisite "three pushes" did little more than fill the tube. I did three more, and vroom-vroom!!
So, while your "stuff" is no good; it seems to work just fine for me------and has done so for more than a few years!

Pikeville, TN

Just wanted you to know that three years ago after our son used our 1958 Corvette in his wedding pictures, I put STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer in the gas tank and put the Corvette away for the winter (Aug. 2007). Today is the first day I have attempted to start the Corvette since then and it started right up after I cranked the engine several times to get the oil circulated. Then I pumped the accelerator and she fired right up. Thanks for your product!

L. I. & Martha K.
Frankfort, KY


Jackson, OH

Use your product in my jet skis,snowmobiles,mowers and all my yard equipment.I store everything wet and in 17 years NEVER had a problem with gumming. I am an advocate for wet storage. People think that running the engines dry is the best way. I disagree, It is almost impossible to get all the fuel out of a carburetor just by running the engine until it stops. That small amount left inside can cause more damage drying out, not to mention in the small weed wacker carbs,leaving them dry makes the diaphragms stiff.

Leave um' wet PUT IN STA-BIL and you will NEVER,EVER have problems !!


just thought you might be interested in our experience of using your Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer. We sailed our small sailboat from Vancouver, Canada, through the Panama Canal and over to England, where she now resides. We planned to store the boat for a few months while we looked for work, so we ran some of your fuel stabilizer through our Yamaha 4-stroke outboard engine to avoid any future problems.

One thing led to another, and before we knew it, we had neglected the engine for a number of years. In fact, it turned out to be TEN years and one month before we decided to resurrect the engine. Fully expecting the engine to be gummed up and completely unusable until a full engine overhaul was done, we still decided to give it a try anyway. To our utter amazement, the engine fired up the first time - as if it had just been running the day before.

Still in a state of disbelief, we took the engine to a qualified service mechanic for inspection. He acknowledged that indeed the engine was running perfectly, and that he could not charge us because the engine required NO cleaning or servicing whatsoever.

We continued merrily on our way, and the engine continues to function as if the intervening 10-years of storage had never happened. The whole experience has gone down in the Ship's Log as one of the more amazing experiences of our extended voyage around the world. This can only be due to the application of your Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer.

Chris and Josie

My '98 Jeep Cherokee is stored 6 months out of the year all winter in Maine. With the help of Sta-Bil it starts on the first crank year after year.

Naples, FL

just to let everyone know. my 2003 cavalier was getting 26 to 27 mpg. when i first got it i consistantly got 30mpg. i figured it was loss of compression due to wear or some other drag variable i wasnt aware of. (different tires) recently on an educated hunch i ran sta-bil at the recommended dose for every fill up and got a eye popping 33mpg. USE IT IN EVERYTHING. ethanol is robbing you blind. the 10% ethanol fuel was the only thing i can trace that has changed. this stuff works. please try it. my car runs smoother, starts easier and accelerates better. it just works.


STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer has saved me untold amounts of money in gasoline engine repair and maintenance. Before STA-Bil was available I had to usually do an annual carb overhaul and cleaning on the small gas engine tools and pumps around the farm.  I follow the recommended mixture of STA-BIL with the gasoline and everything starts easily after extended storage.  The Marine Formula STA-BIL is a miracle  worker in the boat.  I would recommend it to everyone that has a gas engine in a boat and especially one used on salt water.  My 4 stroke, 140 hp outboard always starts in the spring after winter storage with just a few revolutions of cranking.    Use STA-BIL and most of your common reasons for hard or no starting disappear.

Doug R
Roxboro, NC

Hi, Just a few words to let you know how close your products are to our family. Our son is currently in Iraq and we have been taking care of his truck that is in storage with your fuel stabilizer and antifreeze products. We are also a big supporter of the products through the LSMRA and my husband uses these products to race his lawn mower. Attached is a picture of our recent race in Bryan Texas where he came in 1st place in the BP division. This was his first win and as you can see it was a very lifting experience. Thank you for all you do with your products and the support of the USLMRA/LSMRA. I cant get him to mow the lawn because he is always racing his mower, GIZMOW, thanks again, from a lawn mower racing widow.

Teresa C.
Dallas, TX

I have been a mechanic or racer or vehicle nut since I was 7 and driving a Go Kart. Hey anyone remember an old Mac 10 we thought we were great if we had two of those. Now for Stabil I have work for many auto shops. I then started a Motorcycle shop. I also taught Folks how to ride. even the Florida Highway Patrol. Even though Florida is a year around riding area we still told the guys to use stabil if they were going to put there bike up for more than one week. You would really be surprised how many one week layoffs turned out to be a six month lay off. and if they had not put the Sta Bil in they would have been Screwed Blued and Tattooed. Every product you have is great but the Sta Bil is a have to have need it all the time deal.

Dr. Ray E.
Redding, CA

I am not a big fan of product indorsements, however in 2002 I purchased a Fleetwood Travel Trailer. It was equipped with an Onan Genset Generator that ran on gasoline. I ran it at my Hunt Camp in Alabama of and on, mostly on weekends, for about six months until our power was turned on. I did not run it again until about 16 months later when an Ice-Storm knocked out our power for two days. It was never started again until August of 2009, SIX YEARS LATER, when we installed new batteries and are currently using it in North Florida. All we did was ad 2 more gallons of gas to the existing 16 that were treated with Stabil and drain the Carburator. The unit has never missed a beat. I think 6 years between starts is rather extreme, but the unit has never had any problems.
I don't know how it works, but thanks for a great product!

Tucker V.
Riverview, FL

 I have been using STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer for more years than I can count.  I use it in my riding (and push) mowers, snowblower, and outboard motor, on a regular basis and for storage.  My outboard is 20 years old, the snowblower 15, the riding mower 10 and a 13 year old push mower.  Never, once, have I had a problem with fuel. I wouldn't think of operating or storing any of these machines w/o this product.

Steve V.
Swanton, VT

Several years ago when gas prices skyrocketed, my 2000 Dodge Dakota started spending more time in the garage than on the road. Having  used Sta-Bil for years in my small engine equipment, I had a 32 oz bottle on hand and started treating the gas in the Dakota with it. After several tankfuls, I noticed the truck began idling smoother and had better performance, especially when towing my travel trailer. Noticing the benefits of using Sta-Bil in the truck, I started treating a tankful of gas in my Saturn with Sta-Bil (instead of the fuel injector cleaner I was using) every 1200 - 1500 miles, and have noticed better performance with the Saturn as well.
Great product!

Charles E.
Laurys Station, PA

I have been using Stabil in my boat and two lawn mowers ( one is a rider ) for years. I live in the Northeast so these items are not used during winter months. Every spring when the time comes to work and play again, the motors spring to life as if they never had a layup period. Almost forgot, Stabil gets used in my snowblower also.
I recommend this product most highly

Rick M.

I have used these products for years and if i ever need to use the other products i'm sure they will perform as well as i have come to expect from your products!

Joel M.
Brandon, SD

I have a 1 ton dodge van b3500 with a 318 engine.For 2 weeks it would run rough off and on. The engine would misfire, stall and on and on. So I put 10 oz of stabil in the tank and it stopped it completely.  no problems, I will use it once a month now to clean out the ethanol problem of water forming in the tank.

Tim M.

I have been usingSTA-BIL for years in all my lawn equipment, and also my boat engine.  I recently switched to the blue Marine formula due to the ethanol fuel problems.  I especially like the container in which you sell STA-BIL.  The dispensing spout makes it so easy to measure the required amount needed without any other measuring cups, etc.

A.J. "Pete"

Since purchasing my boat in 2003,whether fishing offshore or pleasure boating the inland waterway I can count on my outboard performing well thanks toSTA-BIL.  Adding STA-BIL each fillup has kept the engine clean.. even my mechanic can see the difference it makes.

Graham W.
Cedar Point, NC

I just started my 2 four wheelers 1 is a Honda Recon (2004) the other is a Kawasaki Brute Force 750 (2005) the last time these were ran was 6/2007 it is 9/2009 the recon started right up with a new battery. the kawasaki I had to charge the battery and it also fired right up. STA-BIL is amasing stuff. I put this in these 2 machines when I had a problem with another Recon I had. I had a heck of a time getting it to run. I finally did get it to run and sold it. It took me the bigest share of a week to get it to run like it should. I put it my gas can and then fill it I use it in all my outdoor equipment. My Internation 350 utility, My mowers 4 wheelers. this stuff should be used all the time its not that expensive compared to the damage caused buy not using it. Thank for a great product and keep on making it.

Troy O.
Roan, IN

I had not used my chain saw in 2 years. When I needed it, it would not start. The next year, I needed it again and it still would not start. I dumped out the old fuel, put a few ounces of STA-BIL into the fuel tank, Pushed the primer bulb 4 or 5 times. Then I squirted more STA-BIL into the Carb intake. I removed the spark plug wire, and pulled the start rope slowly 3 times. 2 days later, I pulled it through 3 more times. Finally 2 days later, I added fresh fuel, cleaned the spark plug, and after 3 pulls, the chainsaw started and has been running ever since. I use STA-BIL in the fuel for my mowers, weed eaters, and in my boat gas. I would not be without it.

Jim O.
Okmulgee, OK

Hello Gold Eagle,

I Just pulled my two motorcycles out of the back of the garage after 21 months of storage. I had run them both (Honda "1984" V-65 Magna and "1964" Honda 305 SuperHawk) before they went into the "old" garage while I built a new BIG garage. While running (back in Oct 2007), I put the recommended amount of STA-BIL fuel preserver in the tanks and let it run through for about 5 minutes.  I shut them down, put them in and covered them up. 21 months later and Spring has finally sprung in Connecticut.  The "new" garage (1000 sq. ft.) is done so I got the bikes out of the corner and let them see sunlight.  It took only a little charge on the batteries until they both fired right up and ran like I had them out yesterday.  I've had the Magna since new (25 years) and have never had the "first-run" be so easy. Customer for life!

Awesome product - thank you!!

Ken G.
Glastonbury, CT

I've used it for years.in my cars and lawnmowers, love it!  Works as stated.

Randy M.
Oakhurst, OK

I am a single female that has mowed a lot of grass since childhood.

Currently, I mow a 1/2 acre, 2 acres & part of 4 wooded acres.

Due to the great "boost" of energy that STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer, I am using gasoline from hurricane Gustave that I bought last year during a trip to Little Rock, AK.  I currently live in Lafayette, LA (right in the heart of Cajun country).  I am able to easily start mowers with old gasoline from 2008.  WOW!!!
Thanks for STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer!

Daphne B.
Lafayette, LA

I'm proud to say that as of 2009 I've switched from all the other brands of stabilizer to "STA-BIL", I parked my boat in Oct. of 2006 which had a bad engine so it has set ever since then. On June 15th [2009] we cleaned the boat and I was going to drain the gas (17 gallons)and fill it with fresh but my wife noticed the bottle of "STA-BIL" and mentioned that we had treated it before the last tournament I fished. I told her that the gas would be nasty and it will never start.  Boy was I wrong, not only did it start it runs better now than it ever has!!!!
I will NEVER use anything else!!!!

Rick H.
Linden, IN

Hi, I know that you are use to COMPLAINTS from consumers but this time I have a COMPLIMENT!!
Have to let you know that your {GOLD EAGLE BRAND} STA_BIL Fuel Stabilizer is by far the BEST on the market for ALL of my home equipment!Bet for quality and value.Thought you may like hearing this.

Thomas B.
Nazareth, PA

I have a 1969 Oldsmobile 442, restored to original. 2 years ago I broke my neck, and was laid up in the hospital in a body brace for about 25 months.  Before putting the car away for storage, I filled up the tank and added a bottle of STA-BIL as directed. Unbelievably, I went out to start the car this morning for the first time and it started like new!  It didn’t miss and had no popping back to the carburetor, drove it about 100 miles, went to the gas station and filled it up again, and put another bottle of STA-BIL in it.  I’m just tickled to death….
I thought for SURE I was going to be emptying the fuel tank and putting a new carburetor on it at least, but I pulled a little bit of the fuel out and it had no “varnishy” smell and the 442 has high compression 12½:1 and it ran great with high octane fuel.  Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product, and am going to use it in every boat, and every vehicle that I own.  You guys make a product that does better than it says it does, and that’s pretty rare these days.
Thank you!

Robert S.

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your product. I also wanted to write & thank you for how much money you'll be saving me this year.  Every winter I use STA-BIL in my Harley when I put it away for storage. It was recommended by a friend of mine, so I never had to learn from experience about gas going bad, gumming up, etc. Good for that!
STA-BIL is like a license to print money.  Thanks again!

Timothy H.
East Providence, RI

A quick testimonial about your gas additive STA-BIL.  Two years ago I put a commercial mower in storage and placed STA-BIL in the fuel tank per instructions. After two years I removed the mower from storage and it fired right up and ran fine.  Its refreshing to find a product that actually does what it advertises.

Dave M.
Granite City, IL

In past years I always had trouble starting lawn equipment and my motorcycle that are stored for the long Michigan winter. Last fall, upon advise from a friend, I purchased STA-BIL and used it in my lawnmower, garden tractor, weedwacker, chainsaw and motorcycle. To my surprise everything started immediately--even the motorcycle which has 4 carburetors. It was also a pleasant surprise to find your product is American made.

John C.

“Howdy all! My name is Ed Carlson and I am a Guide and Outfitter Captain here on the Red River of the North.

I would like to commend you on your new Blue Marine STA-BIL product. I have been using it since it came out and I am pleased to report Zero fuel or other problems on my boats and ice augers these past 2 seasons...zero...that is a first for me. Performance has most certainly been enhanced as well.

I know it is your product and I am eager and confident in recommending it to my clients and fellow guides here in the USA and Canada. I will not run a motor without it now, you can count on that.”

Captain Ed C

"I have been using Sta-Bil for several years in all my boats and lawn equipment. I know that when I add it to the things I am not going to use for awhile the moment I go to start they start on the first time. There are other stabilizers that work but nothing works as good as Sta-Bil. It's crazy not to use Sta-Bil on the things we spend so much on. When you get ready for the new season it is nice to just start it up and go."

David M


Rich T

"My name is my Michael Maynard I just wanted to drop you-all a line to say how good your product is. I like to think of your product as inexpensive insurance. I am a 57 year old man who retired as a Machinist I know what I am talking about. Thank You Again."

Michael M

"Hi, I live in a small town named Bourget, IN Ontario, Canada. Last fall I purchased a container of STA-BIL from Canadian Tire. I used your product in my 1956 Ford Meteor Rideau. In spring of 2008 when I started my car it cranked over a few times and started like it never did before. I was going to install an electric fuel pump, but now I don't need it. I forgot to mention that I use STA-BIL at every fill up and my car just purrsss."

Richard P

"I have left stores that didn't stock your product to go to stores that I know I could count on to carry STA-BIL."

Matthew P

"I just wanted to let you know how much I've been impressed with your product. In the past I've taken my boat to the dealer because it wouldn't start, and now I know the reason, and your product saved me money this time. What started this whole thing is my 1989 Bronco II that my son and I have. It sat for 8 months and then wouldn't start. I'm sure you know what happened, the gas went bad and varnished the fuel injectors and it wouldn't start. My mechanic and also my friend told me to use your product, and I'm glad he did. I like to give credit to companies that deserve it, especially products made in the USA. I will forever use and promote your product from now on."

Tom C

"Thank you for a Quality product made in the good old U.S.A."

Rick S

“I'm sold on Sta-Bil!”

Krysta S

“Just would like to let you know that while I was in Korea, I used STA-BIL in my car's gas tank. The tank was close to half full, I put STA-BIL in and ran the car for 5 - 10 minutes then left the car inside storage. Three years later I come back to the U.S. and started the car, drove to the gas station and filled up the tank. I don't think it would have started as easy with out your product. Thank You.”


“Thank you for such an outstanding (STA-BIL) product. Thanks for a product that truly made my life better. I added more STA-BIL to the tank while we were on the water so it could run through the lines and carburetor while running back to the ramp.”

Wayne S

"I'm writing to let you know that STA-BIL is an excellent product. I moved out of my house into an apartment almost 2 years ago. My lawn equipment and fuel cans went into storage at that time. At the recommendation of my neighbor, I purchased, and used STA-BIL in all of the fuel, in the cans, and in what was left in the mower, weed-eater, edger, etc. This last weekend, I got my equipment together to do some yard work for my sister. All of the equipment started as though it never went into storage. I'll keep using it, and recommend it to my friends. Great product!"

Robert B

“Your product will forever be with me now and I will tell everyone I know "USE STA-BIL" it really works. Don’t have time for smelly "BAD GAS." Thanks for your product. It proved itself to me!”

Patrick K - An Avid Outdoorsman

“I'm sold on Sta-Bil, never had so little trouble starting a machine after a long storage!”

Steve H

“I just have to give you one big THANKS for STA-BIL. I am convinced that STA-BIL has got to be one of the greatest products on Earth. Thanks for such an incredible product.”

John R. Hall - Hall Mechanical Services Inc.

"I wish to compliment you on an outstanding product. Your STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer goes in the fuel tanks of all my collector Corvettes. Thanks to you, the fuel stays fresh. Your trusted product protects my '63 convertible, '75 convertible, '95 ZR-1, and '99 coupe."

Richard K



My wife and I were on vacation, headed to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We filled up with "premium" gasoline at a little gas station in the middle of nowhere. An hour later the engine just died. I thought for sure our vacation was going to be ruined. We were hours from civilization. I managed to nurse the car the last hour to the Grand Canyon. It would stall every few minutes, but then restart. When I got to the Grand Canyon I went to their filling station and saw that they had two bottles of HEET on the shelf. I bought both of them and poured one of them in the tank. The problem was solved INSTANTLY! There was no more hesitation or stalling after that! HEET saved our vacation. I kept the second bottle as a souvenir.

Clayton, NC

My Nissan Quest 94 had problem of losing power. Every time I accelerated it does not move as fast as it should, and it is very embarrassing when going up hill or start at traffic lights because cars behind were very impatient. I took it to different auto mechanics and they replaced all spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, fuel injectors, knox sensors, ...etc costed me thousands, but it still not improving.

Today I met an old guy retired from Bell Labs at Walmart who said my gas tank must have water and guessed that I must have gotten cheap gas which I did. He told me to buy "Dry Gas" to remove the water in gas tank, which Walmart Piscataway NJ's shelf did not have, so I went to Pep Boys and asked, they pointed me to the yellow Heet bottle. So I just poured into my fuel tank with less than half tank of gas, and when I drove the van home, I felt immediately differently. The power seemed to come back a lot, and I could easily accelerated to 40 miles which is good enough for local roads.

Mr. Cheng

After filling up with liquid gold ($4.00 p/gallon gas)  My check engine light immediately came on and my truck idled so bad it would barely pull itself.  After reading online I could have possibly bought bad gas, I purchased two bottles of ISO-HEET and dumped both into about 15 gallons of fuel.

The next morning, my truck started right up and idles smooth.  All the power is there, and it's like nothing ever happened!

At $2.50 per bottle, ISO-HEET is pretty darn hard to BEAT!  I'll always keep a few bottles on hand now!


hello,my pontoon boat in east tenn.ran bad all spring i tried everthing as far as additives .then this weekend trid ddet with a new fuel filter boat runs like it was new again thanks to heet.

Bartlett, TN

Thank you so much for a wonderful product. I had the misfortune of getting some bad gas in my car last week and after a 55.00 trip to my mechanic where he could not find what the problem was, and day's of a rough running car and worry on my dad's advice I put some heet in the red bottle in my gas tank and by the next morning it fired right up and took off like a new car. It would barely run before that with no power and would sputter and die and would not pull a hill. I just wanted to commend your company for offering a product that can fix a car so cheaply and fast after bad gas has been put in.  I will be a Heet user and promoter for life!!!! Thanks so much!!!


I just wanted to tell you how overwhelmingly impressed I am with your product. I feel as if your product single handedly keeps my car running throughout the winter. Your fuel line anti-freeze helps my car start everymorning and keeps my car running smooth! Thanks for such an affordable and amazing product!

Lawrence, KS

I want to say what a fantastic product you have in HEET Windshield De-Icer. It works 100% better than Prestone De-Icer. During the winter there's frost on my windows almost every AM. With HEET, it's gone before I even get back in the car!!! Thanks for a great product. I've told my co-workers about it too.

Jan Hicks
Baden, PA

HEET De-Icer works great. I bought some extra aerosol cans to last winter to have ready for this winter. I was shopping and saw a trigger spray bottle of Rain-X De Icer at Wal-Mart and I thought I'd try it. I would not recommend this product to anyone. It was a waste of money for me to buy 3 spray containers. There is no quick melting with the defroster running. It does not melt at 20 degrees much less at the -25 that is listed on the bottle.
What did I do this morning at 10 degrees? Go to the basement and get my can of HEET. **This product has quick melting action and melted the ice with no problem. I will stock up on this product for sure. Don't discontinue or change your great product. I am on the road a lot and your product is wonderful. Thanks Again

jolean fox
325 Mills br rd. sylva , NC

Hi, Just a few words to let you know how close your products are to our family. Our son is currently in Iraq and we have been taking care of his truck that is in storage with your fuel stabilizer and antifreeze products. We are also a big supporter of the products through the LSMRA and my husband uses these products to race his lawn mower. Attached is a picture of our recent race in Bryan Texas where he came in 1st place in the BP division. This was his first win and as you can see it was a very lifting experience. Thank you for all you do with your products and the support of the USLMRA/LSMRA. I cant get him to mow the lawn because he is always racing his mower, GIZMOW, thanks again, from a lawn mower racing widow.

Teresa C.
Dallas, TX

I have used these products for years and if i ever need to use the other products i'm sure they will perform as well as i have come to expect from your products!

Joel M.
Brandon, SD

I've been using Heet for years and just started using Iso-Heet. I hope the results are as fabulous as the regular Heet. Great products!

Carl J.

We experienced a blizzard Christmas eve / day with over a foot of snow, high winds, and temps well below zero. I drove my 96 GMC Suburban over to my in-laws to help them dig out. I drove through many un-plowed roads with over 2 foot drifts. The truck ran fine. I parked it Saturday afternoon after topping off the 42 gallon fuel tank. I drove the truck to work Monday morning. It ran fine. I got ready to leave work at 4 pm and the truck turned over but would not start. Further research and consultation suggested that the fuel pump had failed. I replaced the fuel pump 4 years ago when I purchased the truck. Replacing the fuel pump is a very labor intesive job due to the fact that the fuel tank must be removed. The cost was nearly $700. I made an appointment to have the truck towed on the following Wednesday. In the meantime, my boss suggested that we push the truck inside our heated warehouse and pour 2 bottles of Heet into the 42 gallon tank. I told him that I had heard that using Heet was useless. The ethanol in gasoline was doing the same thing Heet would do. Was I wrong! After letting the truck sit inside for most of the day, I added 2 bottles of Heet to the tank. It still would not start after the Heet was in the tank for 4 hours, so we pushed the truck back outside and let it sit overnite in zero degree weather. The tow truck was to arrive the next morning around 9 am. I went out a 8 am to open the truck doors and make sure that none of them had frozen shut overnite. On a whim, I thought I might try to start the truck one last time before the tow truck arrived. My truck STARTED RIGHT UP! The only thing we can figure is that driving through the tall drifts packed snow around the fuel line which runs along the frame on the passenger side. Putting the truck inside for 8 hours and pouring 2 bottles of Heet in the tank saved me hundreds of dollars in towing, diagnostics, and repair charges. I am now a life long user and have put Heet in all 3 of my SUV's!

Jim A.
Omaha, NE

On family vacations at KY Lake (West KY) with bass boat.  Switched fuel tanks & outboard spit & sputtered like crazy. Friend recommended your product.  Got bottle of Iso-HEET (since bottle stated was OK for 2-cycle engines) from Shop-a-Rama in Draffenville, KY. Poured it in & motor ran like a champ rest of time. Ensured a much more enjoyable vacation knowing outboard was now dependable enough to leave the immediate area around our dock.

Thanks for a great product!

Dale H.
Mayfield, KY

During our ice storms this product surpassed any other on the market. As an additional benefit I liked the fact that it contained no CFC's. Thank you again for your great product and special efforts to make a safer environment for us all. I thought a good compliment would be nice to receive in a world of many complaints. I will tell everyone I know about this product.

Carole H.

I have a 1956 Rambler Classic. It sits in my garage for December to April. This last April it ran ok except for missing when trying to hold a steady speed. After replacing plugs, points, rotor, distributor cap and fuel filter it still ran poorly. A friend told me to add a bottle of HEET. I did and the car runs and purrs like a kitten. Your product and research ar A-1. Keep up the good work.

D. Eichhorn

I would like to make a comment on your extra fine high quality product, Iso-HEET. Especially now a days when the fast paced lifestyles of the public seem to take a lot of things for granted. I have purchase other but to my own personal opinion, for the best and finest in keeping fuel system clean of deposits and moisture, I have chosen the finest is this class...none other than Iso-HEET. Others can be compared but Iso-HEET stands alone in this class.

Carl K

We just wanted to write to you and say that your ISO-HEET is a great product. It isn't often that a product actually works these days, but your's is terrific. One little bottle saved us thousands on a new tractor - which we no longer need.

Ed R

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting twist off caps on your HEET product! Living in WI we use it a lot & I was afraid of losing teeth trying to open it on many occasions.
Thanx again,

Lisa H.

Your HEET 'dry gas' is one of the BEST products I have ever used! You could charge ten times that price and it would still be one of the BEST products I ever used.


Just wanted to drop a line to you folks to say THANK YOU!!! HEET (yellow bottle) saved my butt and my 78 Toyota FJ40.




This has to be the best glass cleaner on the market. We have never had a product clean like this. Highly Recommend for all purpose cleaning. Thanks.

Luanne Z.
Damascus, OR

I stopped at your booth at the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, Tx back in 2009. You gave me two sample bottles of the DieselPower! Complete and I tried it and I love it. I use it in every tank fill up and have noticed a tremendous increase in horse power and fuel mileage. I buy it by the case at my local truck stops. I buy about a case every other week. This is some great stuff....Before I started using this product I was having problems with my fuel mileage and horse power. But now it is doing great....Before my MPG was 5.7mpg and now it is about 6.5mpg 97% percent of the time. The other 3% is due to heavier loads but not your products fault. I have told my other fellow drivers about it and some of them use it on a regular basis to and have noticed a difference as well.  There is no comparison to any other product. This DieselPower! has made a bigger difference in my business than any other product and I have used a lot of them. Thank-you for making such a quality product to help us independent truck drivers save money on repairs that are not needed.

Frank R.
Seymour, IA

When I am using DieselPower! my truck idles smoother and my mpg went up more than the cost of the product.  I went from 5.317 to 6.347 mpg.  Also I had to change a fuel filter on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere. I filled the new filter with the product and got back to trucking.  I have never had an additive I could do that with.

I am hooked on DieselPower!!!

Charles G.

I've been using DieselPower! Complete for a few months now and have noticed a increase in my fuel mileage and pulling power, even when running in PA!  Great product with the high cost of fuel this MORE than pays for itself in savings

Bill A.
Arlington, TX

After hearing the claims of your product I decided to give it a try. Being a Howe user for many years I was a little worried. From the results I have seen, I wished I would have switched years ago!  

I first ran a tank of fuel with no additives  to give it a fair test. Than I filled up using your complete DieselPower! after 2 bottles ( 2 tanks of fuel ) I was getting .6% better fuel mileage, and the truck was idling smoother than it has since new. Where I had slight smoke now I have none and I contribute these improvements to your product. I am thoroughly impressed and will continue to use only DieselPower! Complete.

Thanks for the education. My friends that I have told are seeing similar results!

David M.

While in Eau Claire Wis. in early January I had added DIESELPOWER! to my fuel tanks when I had filled up before turning in for the night. Well as I slept the temperture dropped to -21 degrees with a wind chill of -35 degrees and dropped over 8 inches of snow, sucessfully stopping everything from moving. I did not realize until that afternoon how lucky I was in adding DIESELPOWER! COMPLETE DIESEL ADDITIVE to my fuel until other drivers in the truck stop started talking about how their fuel had gelled up and had to have a service truck out to help them. We all know what that must have costed. So Thank You DIESELPOWER! for saving me money, embarassment, and a longer delay than was needed. Now I do not fuel without adding DIESELPOWER! Complete Diesel Additive to my tanks. Unlike that shoe insert commercial, I'm tellin, cause I'm not gellin.

Ed O.
Jeffersonville, IN

I put DieselPower! brand Fuel injector cleaner in my factory stock 2006 Dodge 2500 with a Cummins diesel. I then put the Diesel Power Performance Improver and Cetane Booster on the next 3 tanks. My fuel mileage has gone from 16-17 MPG to 19-20 MPG and that was the only change to the truck and no change in driving habits. Not bad for just a fuel additive, savings of $40/month on Fuel cost.

Kenny F

I use DieselPower! Fuel Additives and I think you should too. Over the past several months my truck has gone from 6.0 to 6.3 average miles per gallon using DieselPower! Complete.

Sean M

I drive over 120,000 miles per year, and I trust DieselPower! Fuel Additives. I use DieselPower! Complete with every fill up. DieselPower!’s injector cleaner, cetane boost, and anti-gel give me better fuel economy, more power and keep me running in cold northern winters.

Bob Brinker, owner of the Black Pearl show truck.



I Love your guys products! i use your octane booster in my racing mower and the sta-bil fuel stabilizer in my lawn mower, i use your products! i was wondering if i could get some stickers for my shop and my racing mower? that would be pretty awesome to rep you guys!

Andrew W.
Eagan, MN

Two weeks ago at the Twilight Cruisers, cruise night,In Torrington, Ct, I was fortunate enough to be given the 104+ sponsors award, and a case of 104+ Max,,Not really believing in additives,until today when I got gas, the car was stalling, spitting & sputtering,so, I said what the heck, it can't hurt,I put some in, and about 5 miles the car was back to normal,it made a believer out of me, and even felt like it was running smoother and better than before.I would and I am going to tell people that it works, and to try it,I did.Being a mechanic all my life, I believe that additives never help or work, but the 104+ made a liar out of me, keep up the good work, and don't change a product that works, Thanks

Bristol, CT

My Harley is a 110hp torque machine. This is a seat of the pants throttle rocket. Its also a daily cruiser. Unfortunatly when you build these types of motors you have detonation/pinging issues. Thats where 104 octane boost comes in. I am able to crack the throttle and not worry about that dreaded engine damaging sound.. ping..ping.. ping. You have a great product that I have been using in this bike since new. I could ride two up with the wife and tackle those mountain hills without fear. The best part is the bottle last me 4-5 tankfulls,and is easy to carry around. Racing fuel is in the area but you cant carry that with you. Plus the racing fuel here is 8 bucks a gallon. I wouls like to thank you also because your 104 octane boost is the only one I know of that dont have MMT.
Thanks again!

Michael L.
Howell, NJ

I have used these products for years and if i ever need to use the other products i'm sure they will perform as well as i have come to expect from your products!

Joel M.
Brandon, SD

Just wanted to say how well your product works.I have used many different fuel treatment and 104 Plus is the only one that I can FEEL the difference.With Vacation season coming up don't forget you car.You take a vacation, give your car one too. Give it 104 Plus.


I was at a NAPA Auto Parts store when I saw your product, and i bought it. My 83 chevy pickup lived up to its "Thriller" name before but after I put 104+ in it sold a million records like M.J!

Brandon B.

I use 104+ MAXIMUM in my 2000 Landrover Disco 2 with 87 unleaded and truck runs better now than with name brand 93!  Thanks for a great product that works as promised!

Ray O.
Orlando, FL

104+ Octane Boost really works! 104+ is the only octane boost that works for me. The others are slightly cheaper but do not work. I work for a municipal police department and governmental regulations require us to use 87 octane fuel. This hampers the full potential of our engines. It also cause valve pinging. After using your product in my police car the results were amazing! Thanks for a great product that really works.

Steven G.

I use your 104+ octane boost in my 32 Ford 3-window coupe street rod. It has a 350 Chevy motor with a 621 super charger. The car really flies. Then when I use your booster it's like a Concord! Thanks

Larry P.

I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to one of your distributors. I was at the National Street Rod Association car show in Louisville Kentucky on the 4th of August this year. I had stopped for gas at a station in St Louis and must have gotten a bad batch of gas and the vehicle would skip every couple of minutes. I explained the problem upon arrival in Louisville to the gentleman manning the booth with your products for sale and he recommended that I put a bottle of 104 Octane Booster in the gas tank to alleviate the problem. He then refuses payment for the product and just said to try it and let him know how I made out. Well it worked and I made it back to St Louis and then on to my home in New York with no further complications.
Thank You Very Much,

Tim K



I own a 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser that has been well maintained. Last year my Land Cruiser started to use oil. There were no leaks on the ground or exhaust smoke. I spoke with a Toyota mechanic who told me to change the PCV valve. It helped the idle, but not the oil consumtion. I spoke with him again. He said that the valve seals were leaking, and there are 24 of then on the L-6 engine. He recommended using an oil stop leak additive as he has had luck with such products before. I went to Wal-Mart, and chose No-Leak. It has a guarantee and said it had 2-3 time the leak stopping ngredient of the leading brand. That sealed the deal. I put it in the engine and drove 500 miles and changed the oil. My Land Cruiser has not used any oil in 500 miles since the oil change, a big improvement. I would recommend this product to anyone with a leak problem. It is nice change not having to add oil every week.

Midland, TX

I just noticed a power steering leak on my 98 Deville and was dreading the repair after finding it was the rack that was a problem. I saw videos on youtube and later read the testimonials. I picked up a bottle at Autozone and a turkey baster at Dollar tree to remove the old fluid. I was only able to get half the bottle in due to the size of the reservoir. At first it looked as if the leak had gotten worse but at about 60 miles, the leak stopped and I could not be happier. THIS STUFF WORKS GREAT and as advertised. Thankyou No Leak!

Millbrook, AL

4 years ago I had a oil seal leak on my 32 valve 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII, and I tried all sorts of products. Nothing worked, so I took it to my mechanic who put a new seal in at the cost of over $300.00. Several weeks ago it leaked again, and I came across your No-leak engine oil treatment. I figured, "What the heck, and am I happy I bought it. It is worth 5 times what I paid for it....The leak stopped in less than 125 miles...Talk about a Positive product and ending..

Mr. Positive
Sanford, FL

Six months ago my heater core started leaking...6-800 dollars to replace as the dash had to come out! Instead, I used the heater core sealant and 10,000 miles later not a single drop of leakage.

Delafield, WI

My brothers PS gearbox was leaking and he was pouring all kinds of stop leaks into it. As a stocking stuffer at Christmas, I bought him a bottle of your guaranteed leak fix. He forgot about it for a few months but when he tried it out, was very surprised to see that it worked quite well. Thanks for a product that does what it says it will do.

Oregon City, OR

Hello Gold Eagle, I was so impressed by product I had to write. Plus my wife said I should give you guys credit as analytical and pesimistic as I am. So I bought a used 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, 154,000 miles on the OD, with a small oil leak, well come to find out it was the rear main seal starting to let oil through. I read a testimony online and decided that i would spend 8 buck before $800. I declare the leak stopped in less than 60 miles! It has now been 215 miles since the treatment and my driveway has no spots and still no leak! Thank You so much! I got no leak and Im tellin all my co-workers! I got No more LEAK!


I will be the first to admit that when I have a complaint about a product I have no problem showing my displeasure. I on the other hand have been lax when I product does what it is supposed to. I have been a faithful user of your Sta-bil products for a number of years. I never end a season without putting Sta-bil into the fuel systems of my boat, lawn equipment, snow removal equipment, generator, and reserve gas. Now I have another reason to write you. I have an older Caravan with over 110000miles on it. Well in this economy I need it to continue to work for me. Well a year ago I replaced the power steering pump. Then I noticed a leak under the car Just a month ago. Turns out that the high preasure line from the pump to the rack went. I had to wait 3 days to get it fixed and kept dumping power steering fuild into it. Well exactly 2 days later I noticed a leak again. Turns out that the power steering pump that I replaced was leaking. From the front seal was my best guess. I went to the parts store (Autozone) and was pricing out a new pump. Well the person assiting me point out your No Leak product. I have to admit that even reading the bottle. I didn't think I had a chance. But I did put it in and with in a short distance, NO MORE LEAK..... It has been that way for over a month at this point. So thanks for the product it has been working for me.

Port Vue, PA

I just wanted to say that your product is awesome and it really does work. I have a 2000 Saturn LS1 that had an oil leak coming from the seal in the timing cover. I've tried STP stop leak and Bar's stop leak and they both failed. Before I would pay Aamco $500 to fix the leak, I thought I'd try your product. So I did and two days later, the engine was bone dry. I couldn't believe it! Third time's a charm I always say. Will most definatly use your products in the future..Thanks!

Madisonville, LA

I have a Ford van that's about 10 years old, and last March our heater basically stopped working. Not knowing much about cars, I didn't realize it had anything to do with coolant. But I knew it'd probably be a few hundred dollars to fix (which I didn't have). So we just lived with it. Then a couple months later when it was warmer, I was driving along, and saw the heat gauge all the way on H. I knew that meant the car was in danger and I needed coolant. So I drove straight to get some, and after putting in 2 gallons of 50/50 coolant, the temp. went back to normal. Then about 10 days later, the temp. gauge went back to H, and realized I probably had a leak. Still being broke, and knowing it'd cost a lot more to fix than I could afford, I just kept putting in gallons of 50/50 coolant every 1-2 weeks. I kept thinking I'd have the money to get the thing fixed, but it never happened. And all the while, the coolant stain on the drivers side (front) on our asphalt driveway kept getting bigger. Well, a few weeks ago, I was roaming through a hardware store and saw several coolant leak products in the $6-$12 range. I picked the biggest bottle - NO LEAK - figuring it wasn't much of a risk for 10 bucks. It's late November in Colorado, and with the coolant leak, our heater was only working for short periods of time before it'd lose too much coolant and start blowing cool air. Needless to say, this was becoming a big problem for our family! So I dumped the bottle of NO LEAK into the coolant tank, and it's now been nearly three weeks. The coolant tank is still at the same level (full) that it was when I dumped in the NO LEAK, and our heater is working wonderfully! I am absolutely amazed! But what really makes me wonder is why the guys at the local auto store never suggested this product to me. For months, I kept going in, buying coolant, and explained my coolant leak to them several times. I didn't see NO LEAK in their store and they never suggested any kind of product like this might solve my problem. It took roaming around a hardware store for me to discover it. And all I can say is that I'm damn sure glad I did! :)


i have a chysler engine 3.0l,which was leaking at the oil pump seal.i used your no leak an low an behold the leak stopped.it saved me a lot of work.now if i hear of anyone with an oil leak.i,ll gladly recommend your product.

Port Perry Ontario

I have a 1998 Honda Accord with about 128k miles. It was leaking about a quart of oil every 3 or 4 fill ups for gas. I used your "stop engine leak product" on it about 3 weeks ago and have not a leak whatsoever ever since. I have checked for leaks and oil levels the last 4 fill ups and have not any leaks and the oil level is full. I love this product, I dont know much about cars whatsoever and i was skeptical at first but now I am a true believer and would recommend this outstanding product to anyone. I do know one thing for sure , I have saved a lotta money on repair bills, and that I like!!

Maumelle, AR

I wanted to say thank you and to let others know how good your No leak engine oil treatment is.  I was about to bite the bullet and replace the rear main in my truck.  It leaked so bad it was covering the whole bottom of my truck.  this can be a fire hazard!
as a last resort I tried a bottle of your No leak oil treatment.  and to my surprise(honestly I didn't think it would work) it did!  there isn't one drop of oil on my oil pan or anywhere under the truck.
I'll be using this product as long as you keep making it.
thanks again for saving me a day or two worth of work and headaches!

Randy D.
Cincinnati, OH

Just like to say I have tried alot of oil treatment in my life, and they have not worked like yours did the first time I that I used it. IT WORKS! My 04 Ford F-150 has 100,000 miles on it and when you start it up it has a  puffs of smoke. Witch I have had with a lot of trucks I have owned.My truck with your oil treatment added to it has NOT smoked on start up. I will be using your products all the time. P.S. a lot of products say they are guarnteed but your products work! THANKS

Jeff K
Plover, WI

this product has a magic , i used it for oil leak and for cooler leak and i saved 2,000 $ all i had to pay was $12 amazing thank you NO LEAK!

Rana E.


Mark W.
Westwood, KS

For a year or more I've had a steady drip, drip, drip from the power steering "Rack" (Slave) on my car.. I"ve tried a couple of "Stop Leak" type products, No joy.

A few weeks ago I put in most of a bottle of your NO LEAK, fully figuring on contacting you for a full refund when it did not work any better than the others... Well... I'm contacting you. but I'm not asking for a refund.

The reservoir is full.  It's been full since I added your product to it, and it's still full. I still have that "Part of a bottle" left.

Now on to the next leak,, the brown one (Engine oil).  Wonder if your stuff will work as well there (Hope it does)!

So. here is the statement:

Estimate for replacing the rack, about $1,000, more or less, your product, about $10, more or less.

The engine is about 500 to re-seal. Hope your product works as well there as it did for the steering.

John D.
Detroit, MI

I have an 89 Ford Taurus and 88 Acura Legend. They both have the same mileage of ~164,000 miles.  One leaks out the front seal the other I never looked of found out.  They did leak alot.  The cars are not worth fixing with the price of labor.  Put a bottle of NO LEAK in both of them. It took a few more miles than stated to stop but they did stop and saved the cars and the mess on my drive way. What a deal and a great mechanic in a can product.
Thanks so much.

John B.

Hello, I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate one of your NO-LEAK products (it was for the cooling system). I had a fairly bad antifreeze leak in an old ’95 Ford Windstar that I’ve hung on to for various reasons (kids, college trips, team sports that I coach, etc.). Obviously, I didn’t want to put a lot of money into such an old car, but it still runs and looks fine, so I thought I would try this product. I followed the directions and within a day or two… the leak was gone!!!! I couldn’t believe it! Now, I’m not sure how long it’ll last, but so far….so good!! I’m inclined to try your other products for power steering, brakes, and engine treatment (I have a very minor oil leak). Hopefully, they will work just as well!


Anyway, I’m glad your company makes these products AND they’re made right here in the USA!!
Thank you!!

Tim N.
Libertyville, IL

After having an annoying cooling system leak for some time and trying a few other products to no avail, I ended up trying your NO-LEAK product a few days ago.  I put it in the cooling system in the parking lot where I bought it (Murray's) and then drove home.  The next day I looked under the car and no drips!  Thanks so much, especially in this cold weather, as the leaks affected the heat in the car.  I use the STA-BIL product in my landscaping business for the small engines.
Thanks again.

John C.
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

We have a 2001 Pathfinder with 85,000 miles on it.  Car runs great, but noticed an oil leak in the driveway.  I am not a  mechanic, but can handle a wrench.  I got under the car, tightened all the oil pan bolts, but that didn't stop the leak.
was in Walmart and saw the NO LEAK Engine Stop Leak.  I picked it up and dropped it in.  Within 2 days the leak had stopped!  It's great to know that in a tough economy like we have today, you can trust a product to help you save hundreds of dollars in repairs. 
Thanks NO LEAK!

Fernando M.
Plainfield, IL

I'm definitely sold on the NO-LEAK product (I was familiar with 104+ and STA-BIL already). I added your product to tranny of my leaking Torino while on the Hot Rod PowerTour. My options at the time were a $660 quote to change gaskets, stop the tour and trailer or add your product. Well, thanks to your product I saved $660. I never added another drop of fluid and haven't yet. I made it safely home thanks to your product.

Kevin D.

I have been servicing my own vehicles for over 40 years and have never been a believer in stop leak products...until now. I just used your NO-LEAK engine oil stop leak and does it work! My daughters Buick always leaked oil form the oil pan gasket and also from the front main seal. After adding your product over 2000 miles ago the car HAS NOT LEAKED ANY OIL AT ALL! Your product is remarkable. I am recommending it to everyone I know.

Brian N.

I have a 1996 Cadillac Deville with a Northstar engine. The Cadillac dealer wanted $2800 to fix a leak. One bottle of your NO-LEAK product stopped the leak in 100 miles!

Lavonne O.

I had a quote of $800-1000 to fix several leaks on my 1996 Caravan. I tried other stop leak products but with no success. I saw your product at my local Canadian Tire and bought a bottle. After 1000kms the oil leaks were cut by about 70%. Then after 2000kms the leak was 99% sealed. I have told my friends about NO-LEAK and highly recommend it to them. Thank you very much NO-LEAK!

Albert B.

Last week a mechanic said that i could probably use a new oil pan gasket to stop a leak on my 1997 Pontiac Transport. However, since this was so costly I decided to go to my local Walmart and try a stop leak. Your NO-LEAK product had a double money back guarantee so i couldn't refuse. i put it in and in ONE day after driving about 20 miles I SEE NO MORE DRIPPING ON THE GARAGE FLOOR!!! Least to say I can't believe it worked and worked so fast!

Wlater W.

When I purchased a bottle of the NO-LEAK power steering treatment and saw the double money back guarantee I was sure I was going to be sending in for the refund. Well the product worked wonderfully! Its gratifying, for once, to use something that actually works and for it to be backed with a guarantee. I will certainly recommend your product to anyone else who needs it.

John B.

I recently purchased a bottle of your engine oil stop leak from Walmart for my 1986 Chevy truck. Much to my surprise the engine stopped leaking oil after a few hundred miles. That was two weeks ago and it continues to be leak free! My local mechanic told me it needed all oil seals to be replaced. You saved the day and my wallet. You truly have an amazing product!

Dave W

I own a 1998 Caravan with almost 200,000 miles. The only problem I've had recently is a persistent engine oil leak. I've never believed in engine or radiator leak products but I recently saw a container of your engine stop leak and thought "What the heck! It can't hurt, might help." I added it to my engine oil and guess what? It stopped by leak. Congratulations! You have made a believer out of me.

Paul H.

I have two vehicles that developed power steering leaks. I used other products but had to refill the reservoir every 200 miles. I tried your NO-LEAK on my 1991 Thunderbird and it stopped the leak. So, I recently tried to find it again at Walmart to fix my 1996 Intrepid but they no longer carried it. I used a competitor again but they didn't work. Finally I found it at Autozone and presto...it worked! Keep up the good work and I will tell everyone about your product.

Dave S

After wasting over $800 trying to stop a leak in my 1991 Chevy wagon I purchased a bottle of your NO-LEAK product. I heard your radio ad and my wife convinced me to try this as a last resort. After 2 weeks of driving I am no longer seeing any drip in my pan on the garage floor. I am very happy to be able to keep my car. Thank you.

Robert L

About a month ago the power steering pump on my 1993 Ford truck started leaking. I spotted your product at a local Walmart and decided to try it since I was blowing thru power steering fluid every week...The power steering unit stopped squealing and the leak disappeared! It has been over two week and still no leak. Thank you for your product. Your product, your company and your people have really impressed me.

David S

I have had a SERIOUS power steering leak for about 2 years and have tried just about everything on the market I could find. I was told it would cost $1100 to fix my leak on my 1989 Lincoln Town Car that has 275,000 miles on it. Everytime I would make a left turn it would dump fluid; and after about 3 turns my reservior would be empty. A week ago Sunday I put a bottle of your NO-LEAK product in a drove it 200 miles on a short trip. I have not had to add ANY FLUID for over a week!!! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a product that works like it says on the bottle. This was a first for me. Not near enough outlets carry your NO-LEAK products in Lincoln...they should, because they work.
Thank You ( I never write to anyone about a product)

George G.
Licoln, NE

In regards to your product "NO-LEAK" Power Steering Sealer, this product is the best.! After rebuilding a power steering box on my 1986 Chevy Suburban and still having it leak on the driveway then going thru power steering fluid every 3-4 week I decided to try your NO-LEAK product. I tried other so called stop leaks and they didn't work so I decided to step up and pay $6 for your product. To my surprise it worked! It's worth every penny. Thanks for a product that delivers what it says on the bottle.

Frank B.
Red Lion, PA



My 2003 Dodge neon had a heater core leak...a year ago (and 20k miles ago) I used your product to seal the leak. Since dash had to come out it would have been 600 dollars to replace core. Not a drop has leaked the past year...great product. I feel sorry for those that don't know about it.

Delafield, WI

I had a developed a leak in the Heater Core of my 1999 Hummer H1. I saw the great reviews of your product and gave it a shot, guess what in less than 24 hours the leak disappered

Brookville, NY

Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing product. I know it was not meant for this use but it worked great. I had a small head-gasket leaking right next to the valve cover on my 1989 Mercury Grand marquis . it was a slow leak visible on the out side and it was the only thing I could afford at the time to fix it. I put it in put about 5 miles on the car and checked it and it was no longer leaking at all. Thanks Again you saved me a heck of a job.

Sioux Falls, SD

Have a Jeep Cherokee 2001 Sport with 274,000 miles on it...and I recently had to bypass the heater core because of the horrible smell of antifreeze in my Jeep....I bypassed it in late March and hooked it back up again the 20th of October ....bought new heater hoses $16 and I picked up a container of the alumaseal for leaky heater cores.....upon initial application within 4 minutes the smell of anti-freeze was almost gone...and driving the vehicle around and out on the highway within 45 minutes the smell of anti-freeze was gone.......I am happy that your product worked......saved me $800 - $1000 to replace the heater core from the quotes I got from some of the local repair shops....needless to say Alumaseal worked....thanks for making a good product.......



I have 1994 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan I bought new. It has 436,000 miles on it.  This minivan is the pride of my life, although, my wife does not share my enthusiasm.  She jumped for joy when I told her the head gasket was leaking.  Alas, I thought I would have to get rid of the old girl (the car, not the wife...although, it is a tempting Thought).  My friend told me to try Alum-a-seal; as I didn't have anything to lose anyway. The leak has stopped (fingers crossed) now for 4-weeks.  My question to you is: will alum-a-seal continue to work and if so can you venture a guess as to how long it may continue to work?


Huntsville, AL

I have used your Alumaseal radiator sealer a couple times now, and it works magic. My GMC truck had a small leak and after using the sealer never had a problem again! And just today my Ford Mustang was loosing coolant fast and I once again used your Alumaseal sealer and it work perfect wonders! My cars run cool, never leak again, and its by far the best radiator product I have EVER used. I will contiue to use it ANYTIME i feel its needed. It is defiantly one product that never lets me down and I will always trust.

Fullerton, CA

I am in the Military and was moving from Oklahoma City to Anchorage Alaska. I drive a 2000 Land Rover Discovery II with 108K miles on it. I had a pretty bad coolant leak in my heater core right around Seattle. The fine folks at Goodyear tire put in a tube of your Alumaseal and I was able to complete my trip and am currently at 120K miles with no problems.

Anchorage, AK

this is the best product you can buy. i have had numerous cars with cooling system leaks and this product always seals the leaks.


wanted to tell you guys "thank you " for making such am awesome product. was recently on vacation to Oregon Coast w/ family.Was losing coolant like crazy. My exhaust was blowing steam!My head gasket is obviously blown! This is my wifes beautiful baby. a 98 ford expedition SVT. Our family vehicle.My father in law said to use the Alumaseal. We dumped it in and continued our vacation and back to beautiful Lenore Idaho! thank you so much!Now just have to come up w/ the money to replace the head gasket now we made it home!awesome product!

Lenore, ID

Gold Eagle Company,
I wanted to inform you that your product has been very beneficial to me.  I recently ran into car troubles and was told that my heater core was leaking and needed to be fixed.  They informed me that it would cost $1,100 to fix my 1993 Ford Taurus 3.8 liter engine.  Instead of paying for my car to be fixed, I went out and bought your product (AlumAseal Radiator Stop Leak).  Since using the product I have had no problems.  The product has worked wonderfully and I managed to save money.  I wanted to thank you for making such a superb product.

P.S. It has been 5 months (3,000 miles) since using the product and I have not run into any problems.

Thank you,
Ted C.

Ted C.
Denver, CO

The leak was not at the radiator but at the gasket for the timing chain cover.  Alumaseal stopped the leak completely for now so I have to say your product works very well and as advertised.
Thank you,

Bob M.

After being a very satisfied Gold Eagle Company customer I wanted to let you know my latest satisfaction. On a long trip I ran into some radiator leak and overheating problems on my truck. I stopped and purchased a couple tubes of your Alumaseal powder. A few minutes after added a tube the leak appeared to stopped. 300 miles later I arrived back home and had no leaking or overheating issues. I'm glad your product is on the market.

Robert B.

I wanted to let you know that Alumaseal radiator stop leaks are the best stop leaks on the market! I have tried your competitors products but they didn't perform as claimed. However, with Alumaseal it was amazing! I had a pretty bad leak in my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee and used your product as directed. I was amazed to see that your product actually stopped the leak quickly and completely. I have put on at least another 1000 miles on it and it still doesn't leak a drop...Thank you so much everyone at Alumaseal for producing such an awesome product :)

Jason E

I did not want the expense of a new radiator on a older vehicle so I used your product and it worked for well over a year. I had reason to use your product on another one of my vehicles recently and Alumaseal worked once again. Thanks to your product I still have a running vehicle without the expense of a new radiator. Thanks for saving me money!!!

Steve H

I am a Marine working with a border transition team over here in Iraq. I just wanted to write to your company and tell you how much we have relied on your Alumaseal product to fix our radiator problems. As you may know the conditions are rough over here and the vehicles take a beating on a daily basis which causes many problems. My motor transportation chief has been very busy the past few months keeping our trucks operational which has required a lot of sleepless nights. We have encountered several times where the use of your stop leak has allowed us to patch up a radiator problem and push forward to complete our mission...Keep up the good work and producing valuable products. Your efforts are greatly appreciated from the many Marines over here in Iraq.

Semper Fi,

Nicholas A. Murchison- 1st Lieutenant USMC


Start Your Engines!

thanks this product really help me i went to a hardware store i had a lawn mower that wouldn't start i called custmerservice and a representative told me that this product would help start my lawn mower and it did it starts now every first pull


I saw you stuff on a shelf and thought it looked expensive, but bought it anyway. I'M GLAD I DID!!! I have an old MTD tiller that is always peculiar. Start your engines had it running fast and reliable in no time. Thank you for such a great product. I never give testimonials, but after this performance I just had to let you know how much I liked it. Thanks!

Roman N.

Ok, I read all the testimonials. I have to admit I was still hesitant on this stuff working for me. My string trimmer has always been a problem starter. But I spent a couple of bucks, put it in last night and this morning it started on the fith pull. I had been playing with it for hours last week and could get it started with starting fluid but would not stay running. I don't know what you guys put in this stuff but it is AMAZING.I will definately be recommending this product. Thanks a lot!!!

John H.

my lawnmower engine quit on me. the lawnmower shop said the carberator needed to be cleaned and rebuilt $80. i tried start your engins instead. engin started but ran rough then quit.i let it set for 1/2 hour and tried again. it ran rough but did not quit. i let it set overnight. i tried again. it started right up and ran smooth and i mowed my lawn. If you use this product give it a chance to disolve varnish out of carberatior.i plan to use this product the start of every season as maintenace. very happy with the results.

Ronal B.
Rialto, CA

Count me as another of those people that was always skeptical of "magic engine potions" until Start Your Engines! just saved me a huge bill at the lawn mower repair shop! Having gone 30 years of living in places where I did not have to maintain a lawn, I simply forgot about proper storage procedures. Whatever is in that little bottle got my mower that had sat for over half a year running again in just four pulls of the starter. This year, I'll remember to use STA-BIL. However, anybody else that gets stuck should know that Start Your Engines! is a perfect name because, it's not just a promise, it delivers! Thank you, Gold Eagle!

Kevin S.
Fontana, CA

I just wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you for your product.  My mower is running again!  I am a single mother who is going through a divorce and money is very tight right now.  My repair shop charges $120 to tune-up the lawn mower.  Something I have done every year because my mower never starts in the spring.  I tried your product with success!  I did need to let it sit overnight, but it cranked right up this morning.  It would be great if your product packaging contained a link to an on line video where an expert could model the steps and give tips.

Cyndy M.
Albuquerque, NM

I have been working on all things with wheels from cars, motorcycles etc...since I was 7 or 8. My 16 year old Craftsman Tractor for the first time would not start. So because of age I replaced some misc parts, plugs, etc and still could not get it started. So this weekends project was to pull the carb and clean/rebuild if needed. I heard a commercial for start your engines and tried it. Within a couple of trys the old motor fired and was chugging along. Within a minute it was running like new - and restarted later right away. I have never seen anything like it. I will forever be a customer of your products and for sure my gearhead buddies will hear about this, especially after hearing me moan about cutting my acre+ with a push mower!


Mike J.
Miamisburg, OH

I was told by several mechanics that my carburetor on my 3 year old B&S Intek needed to be rebuilt or replaced.  A NAPA sales person recommended that I try Start Your Engines! first.  It works like magic.  Before I tried several cleaners that did not work.  Now it runs like new!

Kings Mountain, NC

Start Your Engine works great. I used it in my lawn mower, which I could not get to work. I put the whole container in and within 15 min. it was running great. Thank you.

DeLand, FL

I had a snow blower that I didn't put any fuel stabilizer in the previous season and last season I couldn't get the thing started. I knew it must be gummed up fuel in the lines. I used a can of Start Your Engines! and what do you know, it started right up! Amazing product and it saved me an expensive trip to the small engine repair shop.

Bridgeport, WV

Start Your Engine works!! Really. Our 11 year old Snapper snow blower just would not start. Had planned on taking in for repairs-then I saw your ad on tv. Figured we could at least give it try. Added to the snow blower-took a few pulls but it started and continued to run. We are ready for the snow. It is a great product. Glad we gave it a try. Thanks :)

Valparaiso, IN

had put Stabil in my generator. 6 yrs later it would not start I wonder why.My stupidity I sprayed ether still no spit or sputter. I heard an ad for start my engines. I stopped and bought it. I put it in the fuel tank let it set 1 hour then opened fuel valve and let it sit 1 more hour pulled starter rope it fired off on 2 nd pull.ran like it had brand new gas in it.Now starts on first pull. Thank You for a great product

Wilmington, NC

This pass winter the day before a blizzard was to hit us, I tried to start my snow thower. No matter what I did, it wouldn't start. I put Gumout in the tank, along with seafoam carb cleaner. It still wouldn't start. I took the carbuerator off the engine to clean and check it, reinstalled it and it still didn't start. A friend of mine took the carb apart and checked. If I squirted gas into the carb it would run long enough until the gas ran out. It just wouldn't start on it's own. Everyone told me I needed a new carb. $120.00 estimate. Yesterday I put a can of Start in the gas tank, followed the directions on the can, and the snow thrower started on it's own. I started and stopped the engine for over a half hour. Each time it started without hesitation. So let me give you a new slogan for your product. As we call it around the Daniels' household, "A miracle in a can"

Thanks for your product. I already told over 15 guys at work today about your product. Especially the ones who help with the snow thrower.

Highland Falls, NY

I have a Toro Personal Pace lawn mower that is 6 years old. It has never failed to start within the advertised 2 pull concept. However, this year it decided not to cooperate. I pulled until I was beginning to use words that I would not want my grandchildren to hear. I drained the tank from last year and put in fresh gas. Still nothing. Not even a peep out of it. Changed the plug. Nothing. Stopped at Wal Marts in Bryan, OH and bought a bottle of Start Your Engine product. I put the bottle in and it still failed, there was nothing. I checked out everything, air filter, fuel lines, etc. and found nothing out of place. I contacted the company and told them my story. They said to try another bottle. I did. After shaking the mower with a full tank of gas and another bottle of Start Your Engine, low and behold it started and runs fine. I mowed my grass twice since, and the mower starts on the first or second pull. This stuff really works. I guess that my mower was just bull headed enough not to start in the first instance. I have learned my lesson.

Pioneer, OH

I saw the "Start" product advertised for the first time this season. I have used the "Sta-Bil" product in the past with satisfied results so I thought I'd give the "Start" product a try. I've been an automotive an small engine tech all my life. The fist can I used 2 oz in the roto-tiller that hadn't been run in 3 years. I did not add any fresh fuel and the thing started on the 3rd pull and ran fairly smooth. I put the other 2 oz in my generator which hunted for an idle the last time I ran it and it too started right up and idled as designed. I have rebuilt many carbs and fuel systems in the past and although the product is a little pricey for 4 ozs.... it's worth the money in down time, labor, and parts. Hopefully my neighbors don't catch on too quick, the extra cash to get theirs running too helps with the price of fuel. Thank you.

Kendall, NY

My lawn edger started giving me trouble so I changed the plug and cleaned the air filter, it didn't help. It stopped working last summer. I put in some Start in the gas and finally got it working. It ran better than new, I went out and edged my lawn. I was ready to toss out my edger, before I added " Start ".

Addison, IL

I heard it on the radio and decided to try it on my 30 year old troy bilt tiller and it had been setting up for more than a year. 5 pulls on the starter cord and WOW! I was convienced.... This is the best product to hit the market. I tinker with small engines and this product is the best by far!!!!!!!! I would highly reccomend this to anyone that has a small engine that has not started in a long time to try this as it will save you big $$$$$$ on replacing a carborator or having repairs to get your engine running..


I bought your Start Fuel System Revitalizer because I was getting tired of rebuilding small engine carburetors for everybody I know. Once they get dirty, then you have got to pull them off, clean and rebuild them. But I also did not really believe Start would work. A friend asked if I could fix an older push mower that he had been given. It was hard to start (needed starting fluid) and ran rough and stalled. I was not really in the mood to pull off the dirty carb so I thought I would try the Start Revitalizer and when it did not work, then I would pull the carb. I put the whole can in and topped off the gas. Needed starting fluid to start for 1st 3 times and still ran rough. I was about to give up when I thought I give it one more try. I fired it up and it started to run better, I gave it some throttle and it ran better yet. After about a minute it smoothed right out and ran like normal,no more chugging, coughing and stalling! I ran it for about 20 minutes and it still ran great. I shut it off for about 1/2 hour and could not believe when it started right up without any starting fluid or priming! You guys have a revolutionary product! This is gonna save me a ton of money and time not having to rebuild carbs on small engines anymore. THANKS!!!

White Lake, MI

as a Physician, and first responder I know the meaning of being prepared. I had purchased "Start your Engines" after a ad appeared in a diy magazine. It came to the rescue!!!. While testing my chain saws and generator prior to Hurricane Earl(missed us). despite using fresh gas and sta-bil on a regular basis I was left with 2 chain saws and a generator which would not start despite my best efforts. I used 2 bottles of "Start your Engines". They worked as advertised.Boy did they save the day. ran the tanks out and put fresh fuel in. Just ran out and purchased 2 more for myself and 2 for my son. No person should be without it.

Maplewood, NJ

I have a 10 yr old lawnmower & have had it in the shop twice for no start. Today, it ran fine then died. If I primed it , it would run 3 seconds & die. I replaced filter, plug & gas--no start. It would run 3 seconds after I hit prime bulb , then die. I saw your ad in Handyman mag & was mighty skeptical. But, I figured 8 bucks was worth a shot to save $100 repair bill. I put 2 oz & gas & hit prime bulb 5 times. After 5 trys, it started up & is running fine. Now it starts on first pull. I have a friend who is a landscaper & can't wait to tell him about "Start your engines". I never would have believed it unless I tried it myself. THANKS!!!!

Voorhees, NJ

I just picked up a bottle of Start Your Engines!™ for use on a leaf blower that I have not used for 5 years due to poor performance and hard starting. I have to admit that I was skeptical that your product would work. I was truly amazed! Following the instructions, my blower now performs as it did when it was new. I am on my way to get my next bottle to keep in my tool shed. Thanks for introducing a GREAT product!

Frostburg, MD



THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! The snow blower after sitting in the garage all summer and the first storm on the way is the time that I decide to start the snow blower for the first time. Half a can of "Start Your Engines" and on the first pull it's up and running. Thanks


This must be the worst winter in history here in New England. Storm and storm, we've gone out and shoveled ridiculous amounts of snow. All the while, our 45 year old Simplicity snowblower was dormant in our garage, unable to start for 4 + years. It has always been a major thorn in my side - not being to get it started. While I was not sure what the actual problem was in terms of why it wouldn't start - I found Start Your Engines via the web and decided to give it a try. Shocking, it started on the 5th pull and I think it is actually running smoother then it did when my father used it - in my youth (30 yrs ago). Simply Amazing.

I wish I found your product sooner. With 2 more storms coming this week, all I can say is - I'm so very grateful for Start Your Engines' ability to bring my old snowblower back to life. Thank you!!!!

New England



You made my day!!! In short (but) much longer...our snowblower
wouldn't start. My husband and my son in law (the car mechanic) worked on it
for 2 days. I said get some Start Your Engines! ..Lou said it works. They both
said this **** isn't going to work. well, off to the Ace and home, it took 5
min. and it was running. Wow, you just don't know the great day I had
yesterday saying I told you so over and over!

Wendy H.
Lemont, IL

I wanted to let you know I tried your new product Start Your Engines!.  It's a marvelous product.  It really worked very well on a Snowblower that would not operate.  I've told 2 people about it already today.

James F.
Chicago Area, IL

I had purchased 2 bottles of Start-your engines after seeing them in a DIY  booklet. I used  the Sta-bil all the time only on one saw.  We are  forecast for severe storms so I felt I should start my gas generator, as well as my 4 chain saws. well guess what! only 1 saw started.  I put fresh gas in all and still no luck. Then I used the Start your Engines and much to my surprise they all started!  These 2 bottles saved me taking  the generator, as well as 3 chain saws to the engine repair shop.  What a great idea!  for this product. thanks

Michael G.
Mountainside, NJ

This past weekend, my neighbor was having a hard time getting his lawnmower going.  He tried pulling the rope several times, then his son-in-law tried several pulls and finally my other neighbor tried. All together, they tried starting the mower about 25 times (yanking the rope!).  It would not start. 


I had picked up a bottle of Start Your Engines at Walmart to clean out the fuel system in my 5 year old mower, so I thought this would be the perfect time to try it.


As I was walking over to his house, they were breaking down the mower so that it would fit in the back of his van.  I stopped him and told him about this product that I had.  He pulled his mower back out and we put in about 2 ounces to mix with his fuel.


I told him to pull the rope 5 times to help get the mixture into the fuel system and then to wait a couple of minutes.  A few minutes later, he pulled the rope and it started right up! IT WORKED!  Start Your Engines took care of his starting problem in no time!


The rest of my product went straight into my Honda mower, which is running nice and smooth!


Thank you for making a great product that does what it says!


Thank You.

Fernando M.
Plainfield, IL

I have a pressure cleaner that had been sitting around with gas in it for about 6 months, when i went to run it, it wouldn't turn on. So me and a friend did the logical troubleshooting steps, we changed the oil, changed the plug, flushed out the old gas and put new gas in, took apart the carb and thoroughly cleaned it with carb and choke spray,and nothing helped. I thought i was either going to have to get a new carb or get it rebuilt, but then my mother saw an add for this product so we went to our local walmart and bought a bottle, poured in half of it and a few pulls later it started right up. Trust me I'm a very skeptical person and this worked for me, id definitely use this again, and recommend it to anyone.

Shane M.
Pembroke Pines, FL

My Toro lawnmower gave up the ghost shortly after the 2 year period where it was guaranteed to start on first pull around February of this year.  Week after week I went through the motions of pulling my shoulder out and ultimately shelling out $20 to one of the comml. cutters to do my 50’ x 100’ lot in my mfrd. home community. At 81 and on a tight Social Security budget plus having been suckered into paying big bucks to a sm. engine repair service in the past; one I later discovered had a questionable reputation for honesty; not the route for me to take.
My car service guy suggested I try STA-BIL®.  At my local Wal-Mart I found Start Your Engines!® right next to STA-BIL® - sure sounded like just what I wanted.  I bought both, kept my fingers crossed and hoped “Start” would live up to its own promotion.
You made me a believer. I’ll pass the word along every time I can.  Not only did you save me money, you saved me broken toes from kicking the Toro.  You also got me out getting the exercise I need by doing my own lawn.  Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!

Click here to see Ed's actual letter

Edward B.
Port St. Lucie, FL

As a guy who is not much of a mechanic I can say that Start Your Engines saved me a HUGE headache!
I had forgotten to remove the gas or add Sta-Bil from last season so when I tried to fire up the snowblower recently it wouldn't start.  Thankfully Start Your Engines is around... half a can of Start Your Engines and a couple of pulls later my snowblower runs perfectly!

Thanks for saving me a huge headache and a huge amount in service fees!

Dan S.
West Allis, WI

I just wanted to thank you for the "Start your engines!" formula it works great although I was skeptical at first. I thought you'd like to hear about my account. I needed to use my gas powered hedge trimmer at a customer's home. Normally this isn't an issue, however I hadn't used it since last April nor remembered to remove the gas out of the tank before I stored it.  When I took out the trimmer I noticed that it had gas in the tank and tried to top it off and start it. After 5 minutes or so of trying to start it, I remembered the "start your engines" additive. I dumped the gas in the trimmer back into the gas can and added half the bottle into the gallon of gas according to the directions. I then filled the trimmer back up and on the third pull it started! I ran really rough for the first minute or so but as I shut the choke off it came out of it's rough idle and ran perfectly for the remainder of the job. When I put the trimmer back into my enclosed trailer , I emptied the rest of the bottle into the tank of my generator. When I got back to the shop I put the Sta-bil samples in my boat tank as well as both of my trucks.  You made a believer out of me thank you again

Davis Landscape Construction



Greg D.
Epping, NH

Developed a problem with hot stalls on my Toro snowthrower after ~10 years of use in Chicago w/o maintenance (oops!).
Changed the plug, and that didn't help.  Had to dump the bad gas and refuel.  I added Start Your Engines! for good measure. 

Cliff G.

Thanks for a great product , my snowblower came alive with one treatment of Start Your Engines!
Thanks again!

Howard U.
Glenview, IL

I recently had the opportunity to try your new product Start Your Engines!®.  I have a leaf blower that I have been unable to start for the past year.  I used Start Your Engines! as recommended, and, to my amazement the blower started in only a few pulls.  It has continued to run ever since.  I have recommended this to a friend who has had the same results on a similar tool.  Impressive is all I can say, in a time when so many products make claims that never happen, it's nice to find a product that actually does what its manufacturer says it will do.  Thank you for a great product.  I will recommend it to anyone having the same problem I had, and it is much better than buying a new leaf blower.

One satisfied customer, Thank You

Tom K.
Orland Park, IL

Every once in a while you think "Now why doesn't someone invent...?" When I read the ad in this month's "Popular Mechanics" about "Start Your Engines!" I thought to myself: Finally! And then just a quickly thought that it can't really do what the ad claims.

I'm happy to report I was wrong. I have a gas-powered Edger that I haven't used in two or three years. Unfortunately, I did not totally empty the gasoline when I stopped using it. Not to my surprise it was impossible to start. I decided to invest the $10 for a container of "Start Your Engines!". I emptied half the container into the fuel tank and added some fresh gasoline. I pushed the primer button five times and lo' and behold the darn thing started on the fifth pull! I was ready to dump the Edger since I didn't want to spend over fifty bucks to get someone to rebuild the carburetor. Thank You Gold Eagle! You rescued my Edger from the dump and allowed me to make my yard look better. I was so impressed that I called the Ace Hardware store where I bought it and told them what a wonderful product they were selling!

Ken W.
Etowah, NC

I have an outboard motor, an old 1980's Ward's Sea King 15hp.  I tried to start it taking several pulls on the rcoil starter. The engine would sputter and die. I then thought of the radio commercial I heard on the Score670 radio.  I went to Ace Hardware and bought Start Your Engines!. I mixed it in the gas tank, 3 pulls later up fired the engine. It sputtered for a couple of seconds then bingo ran like new! 

This for an engine that had not been started in 3+ years. All I can say is you go Gold Eagle.

David P.
Bolingbrook, IL

I got some Start Your Engines!® at last year’s Hotrod Power Tour and I had a lawnmower that would not work, it would not start.  I poured some in and it starts up every time now, it works great!

Terry J.

I received the Start product today. I tried this in a brand new snow thrower that my brother in law had. It  had been used one time last year and was left to sit all year with the gas in it. This year he was not able to start it. I asked him to let me take it home with me and I would check it out, since I had just seen your advertisement in the latest issue of the Handyman magazine. Well today was the test. I can say that I poured one half of the bottle into the tank and the snow thrower did not start. But hold on. I put the rest into the tank and lo and behold the thing started.
You have a believer in your product and I will be talking it up to everyone I see and talk to.

Thanks for a great product that did not disappoint.

Ron Y.
Louisville, KY


Garage D.O.G.G.

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Gold Eagle

In the supply of Gold Eagle products that you were kind enough to send me from the Cool Rides Online contest, was a product called "Clindo".  It is BY FAR the BEST stainless steel, glass, etc cleaner I have EVER used!  My kitchen has all stainless steel appliances and the marks and fingerprints show on them something awful.  Clindo easily removed them all!  It also worked great on my ceramic stovetop.  It is a great product that I will use forever.  Please pass on my compliments to the appropriate person(s).  Also, let me know what retailers will sell it so I can stock up!

Thanks again for selecting me a a finalist on Cool Rides Online.  It's been fun!


Rochester, NY

I used your cooling system sealer in my 1963 Buick aluminum V-8 and within seconds the leak in the water pump stopped!

John W.

In my line of work we use about 3 cases of your 5 minute motor flush a month. By far the best quality product on the market. Keep up the good work!

RJ Kaserman

I race Porsche's in club events and also have a wide range of other vehicles. My five cylinder VW was running very poorly even after a tune up. I poured in everything from K-Mart to STP treatment's with no success. I laughed at myself when I payed $7 for a bottle of your Quantum. But by the end of the tankful the performance was PERFECT! Nearly 5000 miles later and the performance is still fine.

Gerald P.

When I purchased my first can of Gold Eagle oil treatment I was convinced I would be writing for a refund. Surprising to me it actually helped the exhaust emissions as advertised. My little VW Rabbit has almost completely stopped smoking. It's hard to admit you were wrong but so far, so good.

Donald S.

After two separate repair facilities quoted $1200 to fix a leak in my S10 Blazer transmission I decided to try your leak stopper product instead. The second repair facility convinced me to at least try a leak stopper before paying the $1200. Despite all sorts of negative comments by some friends who have tried other leak stoppers I added a bottle. To my astonishment the leaks stopped within 100 miles...and has not leaked since. Thank you for a really great product.

Howard G.

Just wanted to write to tell you what a valuable service your air and repair tire and sealant provides. As most women, I am not very experienced in the art of tire changing. Therefore, your product truly came in handy the other day when both my spare and right front tires were flat. I found the inflator and sealant very easy to apply to the tire and drove to my nearby gas station without anxiety.

Peggy Ann S.

I am in a wheelchair and got a flat tire at my cousins wedding. It was late at night and no stores were open. Fortunately, a girl I was with had a can of your product in her car. Needless to say it worked great and I got to enjoy the wedding a little more. You should advertise your product to people in wheelchairs as flat tires can be a real inconvenience and your product is so easy to use. Thank you for your great product.

Joe S

Late one night I was stranded on my motorcycle due to a flat tire. Lucky for me a friend came to my rescue and brought a can of your air and repair. Well that was over 3 years ago and 7000 miles and your product is still holding air in my tire. I now carry a can in my saddlebags all the times and would strongly recommend it to everyone that rides.


Your tire sealer saved me $35. My John Deere lawn mower had a tire that had gone flat. My local dealer said they would drive the 4 miles to my house and fix it for $35. That same day a friend recommended trying your air and repair. I did and it worked! The tire is still A-1 so in addition to cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. you might add riding mower tires.

Kennieth S
Galesburg, IL

I recently purchased  your transmission sealer and conditioner. I am amazed at the reconditioning of my transmission. The transmission feels like a new one. The engine seems to run much better. The car is a 1983 Ford Fairmont with 49628 miles. Thanks for an excellent product. I have never been a believer of additives before but your product made me a believer.

Richard W
Port Richie, FL

I sincerely feel it is time to inform you how very highly I praise Gold Eagle brand automotive products to owners of various automobiles. I own a fully restored, so very pretty, 1931 Model A Ford Roadster and a very beautifully restored 1936 Ford Convertible. The car has been awarded two large trophies. May I say how very please I am with all your Gold Eagle brand automotive products.

Vern U
Puyallup, WA

I was on my work for a breakfast meeting when I had a flat tire.  Fortunately, I had your product in the trunk.  I inflated the tire and was on my way in time for the meeting.

Barbara G
Chicago, IL

I have used your tire sealant for a long time.  It has been a lifesaver more than once.

Don G
Creston, IA

Last week a nail penetrated our tire...when I attached your repair and air it performed as advertised as do all your products.

Bud K
McHenry, IL

I have tried your products and must say was well pleased with them and will surely recommend these products to my friends and neighbors...

Mildred S
Aurora, IL

I have been using this wonderful product for over 17 years. It's the greatest thing for cleaning mirrors, windows, and chrome that I've ever used.

Suzanne R
Oklahoma City, OK


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