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America's #1 Selling Fuel Stabilizer!

STA-BIL® Fuel Stabilizer has been recommended for years by both consumers, as well as over 100 Original Equipment Manufacturers. Many manufacturers even go as far to include the STA-BIL® brand name and/or our literature in their user manuals/packets for their equipment.

If you would like to submit a testimonial for one of our products please contact us and let us know what you think!

STA-BIL® brand Testimonials

Just wanted to let you know that Sta-bil is phenomenal. When fuel prices started climbing steeply after 2002, we ended up putting our Seadoos in long term storage. We put Sta-bil in the tanks and used up most of the fuel before parking them. After 10 years we decided to return back to the lake with both machines. I knew that Sta-bil always was a good product, but there would have to be some limitations to how long it would continue to be effective. After such an extensive amount of storage time I was expecting having to rebuild the carburetors, if not everything else in the fuel systems. We put a bit of fresh gasoline in each machine, and to my absolute amazement,both started up and ran perfectly. We've run both machines for several hours this year, and had no problems at all.


I added Sta-Bil to the tank of my little 15-hp genset, and, two years later (just tonite, with Debbie threatening), that baby started right up and kept running. NOW THAT'S A GOOD
PRODUCT! I'm thinking of adding it to my martinis.

Good show, guys..

Sarasota, FL

Thanks to Sta-Bil Ethanol Treatment, it appears I will NOT be having a stress-induced heart attack due to a tank of bad gas. After the hesitation, jumping, inability to accelerate became much worse, and included a flashing engine light, I put a bottle of this product into the tank, and by the next day, my car began to run like a charm. Amazing! Kudos for a terrific product!

Lorraine K.

Filled up my '68 Coupe de ville 5 yrs ago & used the standard 10 oz dose of Stabil thinking I might not drive it so much in the coming year. Well the water pump went out taking out the smog pump & long story short it's taken 5 yrs for me to burn that tank of gas. The car still cranks great with 5 yr old Ethanol blended gas. You can bet Stabil is going back in when I refill later this week! Will probably go with a 20oz dose this time.

Steve C.
Memphis, TN

I tried StaBil in my John Deere rinding mower. It was running rough. After using StaBil for the last two seasons, it runs great. What a difference! I craked it this morning after sitting for the winter, it ran strong and smooth. Thank You StaBil

Montrose, AL

I was introduced to STA-BIL in the mid 1960's as a teenager while working at a boat yard on Long Island NY and saw first hand the advantages of using a fuel stabilizer. In the spring those customers who followed our recomendations and used used STA-BIL had no trouble starting their boat motors. I purchased a new two cycle outboard powered boat several years ago and since taking delivery I have always added Marine STA-BIL at every fill up and have never had any fuel related problems even with E10 fuel. Thank you for making a truely useful product that performs as advertised and then some.


3-5 years ago I bought a pressure cleaner from Home Deport.  The employee from Home Depot suggested I buy some STA-BIL Fuel STA-BIL as well.  This equipment was stored in my garage for 3 years and not touched.   I had to clean my driveway and on 3 pulls of the rope the pressure cleaner started right up and I contribute 100% of this success to STA-BIL!  I feel it is my duty to call and let you know this.  I am very pleased and will continue to use your STA-BIL.  Congrats on a job well done!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am a firm believer of STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer.

I was a head mechanic in a power equipment repair and sales business for 10 years.

In my own experience my portable gasoline powered generator had been sitting in a shed for 4 years. I brought it out after Hurricane Irene and it started on the 4th. pull of the recoil cord, thanks to Sta-Bil! As each gasoline can is emptied I automaticly install Sta-Bil before refilling them. All of my personal power equipment has Stabilized fuel in it.It has payed off. I keep 2 bottles of Sta-Bil on hand at all times. Thank you Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer!

Westbrook, CT

In 1999 I purchased a brand new 1999 Toyota Tacoma Truck.  This vehicle is my pride and joy and today only has 38 original miles on it and has been parked in a finished garage.  This vehicle still has the original 1999 fuel in it which was treated with STA-BIL.  This vehicle will still start and run thanks to STA-BIL.  STA-BIL is #1!

Conneaut, OH

In 1999 I installed a Generac 6250 Watt generator with a switching station in my basement.

I added gas to try it and then some Sta-Bil. I have never had to use the generator, but never drained the gas. It has been 12 years, I added some fresh gas,started immediately. Great stuff Sta-Bil



This is a great product. I stored my generator with Sta-Bil in the gas after Hurricane Wilma was over. I just pulled it out today and set the choke, and with one pull of the recoil it started immediately. I am amazed. I had expected to have to take the carb apart to clean it before it would run. A bottle of Sta-Bil is well worth the cost of the bottle if you need to store fuel. This product does exactly what it claims and then some. My advice is to double the dose. You will definately not regret it.

Luad, FL

I've used your Sta-Bil additive for several years now and I'm still amazed at what it does. I don't claim to understand it, but I'm glad it works!

Charleston, WV

My polaris 400 2-stroke sport quad has been sitting,stored in my dad's barn for almost 6yrs. The only thing I did before I stored it,in 05, was run the gas out of the carburator. It started on the second pull. I had to use the recoil since the battery was dead. I couldn't believe it started! The only thing I did was double up on the fuel stabilizer since I didn't know when the next time would be when I'd be able to ride my quad again.

Thanks for a great product

Warren, MI

I have been using Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer for years, boat gas tanks, tractor, mowers etc. I pulled a mower out from under the shed yesterday it had not been started in almost 2 years . I hit the primer three times and pulled the cord ONCE it fired up just like it had been run the day before. What a great product!!!

Salem, IN

Back in 2004 Fl was hit by several hurricanes back to back to which I had to purchase a chain saw for cleanup. I added sta-bil to the fuel and after use packed up the chainsaw placing it in storage still with gas in the tank. 7 years later in 2011 I had to pull it out of storage to cut down my neighbors dead tree and noticed it still had the gas in it from 2004. I decided to try it, to see if the sta-bil held out for that amount of time. After four pulls the chain saw fired up and I fell the tree with the rest of the gas in the tank with no problems. Wow! after 7 years, it still was good. That surpasses the 6 month claim by the company.


I have 11 small OPE engines of various types, ranging from small 2-cycle to larger twins. I've used Sta-Bil in every can of fuel (at 4oz/5gal rate) routinely for years. We've had 10% ethanol here for about 4-5 years, too. I have to say, there has not been a single fuel-related issue in any of those engines, ever. Most of them are seasonal/intermittent usage too, so the fuel has plenty of opportunity to sit around. And despite that, NOT ONE fuel/carburetor problem. Ever. It's amazing stuff and well worth the price. I'd give it six stars if they allowed it.

Stan Robinson
Lehigh Valley, PA

My brother was having issues with his 92 Oldsmobile Achieva. We took it for a test drive and it died every 5min of driving. After adding 3oz of STA-BIL to his 14-15 gallon tank of gas we took it for another test drive. This time the car did not die at all and the idle was much smoother(we had though the idle problem was from the age of the car). You just earned two lifetime customers, your product is amazing.

Toledo, OH

I have used this product for years. I realize fuel will lose potency over time no matter what you do to it in long term storage. But I always put double doses in all my gas cans because I never know when I will use my mower, weed eater, blower for the last time for the season and put it up for the winter. I never have trouble starting any of the above beginning of the next season. Plus, I just got my chain saw out since we have had bad storms lately, and are expecting a busy hurricane season this year. Just wanted to make sure it was ready to go. Have not used it in at least five years. Got it out, fueled it up with fresh fuel, cranked it right up like I just used it yesterday. I used Sta-bil in the fuel the last time I used it. So long term storage of fuel stability aside, it is great for storing equipment long term it you want it to start easily when you do finally get it out to use.


I am a big fan of STA-BIL products! I use them in my boat, truck, and all other kinds of other equipment around my home and shop. Your products help keep all my equipment running in top shape and everything always starts when I need it too.

Greenville, NC

I am blessed to have the best boats and motors available to me. When I get on my boat all I want to do is turn the key and go fishing. Marine Formula Sta-Bil makes sure that my engine starts and runs perfect every time!

-Capt. Rich Tudor

I went to Wal-Mart a few days ago to replenish my supply of Sta-Bil----------they have it available in large containers. I grabbed two of them and headed for the cashiers. I hadn't quite made it out of the aisle before I heard a voice------"That stuff's no good!". I turned and saw what one might reasonably accurately describe as a "Wal-Mart Shopper". He was pointing to my cargo. How so?----says I. Long story short------he had used some----and none of his "stuff" had started right up (until after tending to such irksome details as new spark plugs (and wires in one case), air filters, jury-rigged ignition switches, dead batteries and whatnot). I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I pursued alternative Number One-----------and did nothing.

It occurred to me you probably hear such tales from many disgruntled users, and I thought you might like to hear from a satisfied customer. I have perhaps eleven gasoline powered lawn and garden toys. I have used nine of them within the last two weeks. None of them had been used since early December of last year. A couple of them hadn't been used since early October of last year. These toys range in age from three to fifteen years old-----------and  I haven't used the two newest ones yet this year.

Every single one of them started immediately! Actually, I lied a little bit. My edger did start on the first try, but then died----because your "stuff is no good". I'm quite certain it died because the tube from the primer button (pump) was virtually empty, so the requisite "three pushes" did little more than fill the tube. I did three more, and vroom-vroom!!
So, while your "stuff" is no good; it seems to work just fine for me------and has done so for more than a few years!

Pikeville, TN

Just wanted you to know that three years ago after our son used our 1958 Corvette in his wedding pictures, I put STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer in the gas tank and put the Corvette away for the winter (Aug. 2007). Today is the first day I have attempted to start the Corvette since then and it started right up after I cranked the engine several times to get the oil circulated. Then I pumped the accelerator and she fired right up. Thanks for your product!

L. I. & Martha K.
Frankfort, KY


Jackson, OH

Use your product in my jet skis,snowmobiles,mowers and all my yard equipment.I store everything wet and in 17 years NEVER had a problem with gumming. I am an advocate for wet storage. People think that running the engines dry is the best way. I disagree, It is almost impossible to get all the fuel out of a carburetor just by running the engine until it stops. That small amount left inside can cause more damage drying out, not to mention in the small weed wacker carbs,leaving them dry makes the diaphragms stiff.

Leave um' wet PUT IN STA-BIL and you will NEVER,EVER have problems !!


just thought you might be interested in our experience of using your Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer. We sailed our small sailboat from Vancouver, Canada, through the Panama Canal and over to England, where she now resides. We planned to store the boat for a few months while we looked for work, so we ran some of your fuel stabilizer through our Yamaha 4-stroke outboard engine to avoid any future problems.

One thing led to another, and before we knew it, we had neglected the engine for a number of years. In fact, it turned out to be TEN years and one month before we decided to resurrect the engine. Fully expecting the engine to be gummed up and completely unusable until a full engine overhaul was done, we still decided to give it a try anyway. To our utter amazement, the engine fired up the first time - as if it had just been running the day before.

Still in a state of disbelief, we took the engine to a qualified service mechanic for inspection. He acknowledged that indeed the engine was running perfectly, and that he could not charge us because the engine required NO cleaning or servicing whatsoever.

We continued merrily on our way, and the engine continues to function as if the intervening 10-years of storage had never happened. The whole experience has gone down in the Ship's Log as one of the more amazing experiences of our extended voyage around the world. This can only be due to the application of your Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer.

Chris and Josie

My '98 Jeep Cherokee is stored 6 months out of the year all winter in Maine. With the help of Sta-Bil it starts on the first crank year after year.

Naples, FL

just to let everyone know. my 2003 cavalier was getting 26 to 27 mpg. when i first got it i consistantly got 30mpg. i figured it was loss of compression due to wear or some other drag variable i wasnt aware of. (different tires) recently on an educated hunch i ran sta-bil at the recommended dose for every fill up and got a eye popping 33mpg. USE IT IN EVERYTHING. ethanol is robbing you blind. the 10% ethanol fuel was the only thing i can trace that has changed. this stuff works. please try it. my car runs smoother, starts easier and accelerates better. it just works.


STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer has saved me untold amounts of money in gasoline engine repair and maintenance. Before STA-Bil was available I had to usually do an annual carb overhaul and cleaning on the small gas engine tools and pumps around the farm.  I follow the recommended mixture of STA-BIL with the gasoline and everything starts easily after extended storage.  The Marine Formula STA-BIL is a miracle  worker in the boat.  I would recommend it to everyone that has a gas engine in a boat and especially one used on salt water.  My 4 stroke, 140 hp outboard always starts in the spring after winter storage with just a few revolutions of cranking.    Use STA-BIL and most of your common reasons for hard or no starting disappear.

Doug R
Roxboro, NC

Hi, Just a few words to let you know how close your products are to our family. Our son is currently in Iraq and we have been taking care of his truck that is in storage with your fuel stabilizer and antifreeze products. We are also a big supporter of the products through the LSMRA and my husband uses these products to race his lawn mower. Attached is a picture of our recent race in Bryan Texas where he came in 1st place in the BP division. This was his first win and as you can see it was a very lifting experience. Thank you for all you do with your products and the support of the USLMRA/LSMRA. I cant get him to mow the lawn because he is always racing his mower, GIZMOW, thanks again, from a lawn mower racing widow.

Teresa C.
Dallas, TX

I have been a mechanic or racer or vehicle nut since I was 7 and driving a Go Kart. Hey anyone remember an old Mac 10 we thought we were great if we had two of those. Now for Stabil I have work for many auto shops. I then started a Motorcycle shop. I also taught Folks how to ride. even the Florida Highway Patrol. Even though Florida is a year around riding area we still told the guys to use stabil if they were going to put there bike up for more than one week. You would really be surprised how many one week layoffs turned out to be a six month lay off. and if they had not put the Sta Bil in they would have been Screwed Blued and Tattooed. Every product you have is great but the Sta Bil is a have to have need it all the time deal.

Dr. Ray E.
Redding, CA

I am not a big fan of product indorsements, however in 2002 I purchased a Fleetwood Travel Trailer. It was equipped with an Onan Genset Generator that ran on gasoline. I ran it at my Hunt Camp in Alabama of and on, mostly on weekends, for about six months until our power was turned on. I did not run it again until about 16 months later when an Ice-Storm knocked out our power for two days. It was never started again until August of 2009, SIX YEARS LATER, when we installed new batteries and are currently using it in North Florida. All we did was ad 2 more gallons of gas to the existing 16 that were treated with Stabil and drain the Carburator. The unit has never missed a beat. I think 6 years between starts is rather extreme, but the unit has never had any problems.
I don't know how it works, but thanks for a great product!

Tucker V.
Riverview, FL

 I have been using STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer for more years than I can count.  I use it in my riding (and push) mowers, snowblower, and outboard motor, on a regular basis and for storage.  My outboard is 20 years old, the snowblower 15, the riding mower 10 and a 13 year old push mower.  Never, once, have I had a problem with fuel. I wouldn't think of operating or storing any of these machines w/o this product.

Steve V.
Swanton, VT

Several years ago when gas prices skyrocketed, my 2000 Dodge Dakota started spending more time in the garage than on the road. Having  used Sta-Bil for years in my small engine equipment, I had a 32 oz bottle on hand and started treating the gas in the Dakota with it. After several tankfuls, I noticed the truck began idling smoother and had better performance, especially when towing my travel trailer. Noticing the benefits of using Sta-Bil in the truck, I started treating a tankful of gas in my Saturn with Sta-Bil (instead of the fuel injector cleaner I was using) every 1200 - 1500 miles, and have noticed better performance with the Saturn as well.
Great product!

Charles E.
Laurys Station, PA

I have been using Stabil in my boat and two lawn mowers ( one is a rider ) for years. I live in the Northeast so these items are not used during winter months. Every spring when the time comes to work and play again, the motors spring to life as if they never had a layup period. Almost forgot, Stabil gets used in my snowblower also.
I recommend this product most highly

Rick M.

I have used these products for years and if i ever need to use the other products i'm sure they will perform as well as i have come to expect from your products!

Joel M.
Brandon, SD

I have a 1 ton dodge van b3500 with a 318 engine.For 2 weeks it would run rough off and on. The engine would misfire, stall and on and on. So I put 10 oz of stabil in the tank and it stopped it completely.  no problems, I will use it once a month now to clean out the ethanol problem of water forming in the tank.

Tim M.

I have been usingSTA-BIL for years in all my lawn equipment, and also my boat engine.  I recently switched to the blue Marine formula due to the ethanol fuel problems.  I especially like the container in which you sell STA-BIL.  The dispensing spout makes it so easy to measure the required amount needed without any other measuring cups, etc.

A.J. "Pete"

Since purchasing my boat in 2003,whether fishing offshore or pleasure boating the inland waterway I can count on my outboard performing well thanks toSTA-BIL.  Adding STA-BIL each fillup has kept the engine clean.. even my mechanic can see the difference it makes.

Graham W.
Cedar Point, NC

I just started my 2 four wheelers 1 is a Honda Recon (2004) the other is a Kawasaki Brute Force 750 (2005) the last time these were ran was 6/2007 it is 9/2009 the recon started right up with a new battery. the kawasaki I had to charge the battery and it also fired right up. STA-BIL is amasing stuff. I put this in these 2 machines when I had a problem with another Recon I had. I had a heck of a time getting it to run. I finally did get it to run and sold it. It took me the bigest share of a week to get it to run like it should. I put it my gas can and then fill it I use it in all my outdoor equipment. My Internation 350 utility, My mowers 4 wheelers. this stuff should be used all the time its not that expensive compared to the damage caused buy not using it. Thank for a great product and keep on making it.

Troy O.
Roan, IN

I had not used my chain saw in 2 years. When I needed it, it would not start. The next year, I needed it again and it still would not start. I dumped out the old fuel, put a few ounces of STA-BIL into the fuel tank, Pushed the primer bulb 4 or 5 times. Then I squirted more STA-BIL into the Carb intake. I removed the spark plug wire, and pulled the start rope slowly 3 times. 2 days later, I pulled it through 3 more times. Finally 2 days later, I added fresh fuel, cleaned the spark plug, and after 3 pulls, the chainsaw started and has been running ever since. I use STA-BIL in the fuel for my mowers, weed eaters, and in my boat gas. I would not be without it.

Jim O.
Okmulgee, OK

Hello Gold Eagle,

I Just pulled my two motorcycles out of the back of the garage after 21 months of storage. I had run them both (Honda "1984" V-65 Magna and "1964" Honda 305 SuperHawk) before they went into the "old" garage while I built a new BIG garage. While running (back in Oct 2007), I put the recommended amount of STA-BIL fuel preserver in the tanks and let it run through for about 5 minutes.  I shut them down, put them in and covered them up. 21 months later and Spring has finally sprung in Connecticut.  The "new" garage (1000 sq. ft.) is done so I got the bikes out of the corner and let them see sunlight.  It took only a little charge on the batteries until they both fired right up and ran like I had them out yesterday.  I've had the Magna since new (25 years) and have never had the "first-run" be so easy. Customer for life!

Awesome product - thank you!!

Ken G.
Glastonbury, CT

I've used it for years.in my cars and lawnmowers, love it!  Works as stated.

Randy M.
Oakhurst, OK

I am a single female that has mowed a lot of grass since childhood.

Currently, I mow a 1/2 acre, 2 acres & part of 4 wooded acres.

Due to the great "boost" of energy that STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer, I am using gasoline from hurricane Gustave that I bought last year during a trip to Little Rock, AK.  I currently live in Lafayette, LA (right in the heart of Cajun country).  I am able to easily start mowers with old gasoline from 2008.  WOW!!!
Thanks for STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer!

Daphne B.
Lafayette, LA

I'm proud to say that as of 2009 I've switched from all the other brands of stabilizer to "STA-BIL", I parked my boat in Oct. of 2006 which had a bad engine so it has set ever since then. On June 15th [2009] we cleaned the boat and I was going to drain the gas (17 gallons)and fill it with fresh but my wife noticed the bottle of "STA-BIL" and mentioned that we had treated it before the last tournament I fished. I told her that the gas would be nasty and it will never start.  Boy was I wrong, not only did it start it runs better now than it ever has!!!!
I will NEVER use anything else!!!!

Rick H.
Linden, IN

Hi, I know that you are use to COMPLAINTS from consumers but this time I have a COMPLIMENT!!
Have to let you know that your {GOLD EAGLE BRAND} STA_BIL Fuel Stabilizer is by far the BEST on the market for ALL of my home equipment!Bet for quality and value.Thought you may like hearing this.

Thomas B.
Nazareth, PA

I have a 1969 Oldsmobile 442, restored to original. 2 years ago I broke my neck, and was laid up in the hospital in a body brace for about 25 months.  Before putting the car away for storage, I filled up the tank and added a bottle of STA-BIL as directed. Unbelievably, I went out to start the car this morning for the first time and it started like new!  It didn’t miss and had no popping back to the carburetor, drove it about 100 miles, went to the gas station and filled it up again, and put another bottle of STA-BIL in it.  I’m just tickled to death….
I thought for SURE I was going to be emptying the fuel tank and putting a new carburetor on it at least, but I pulled a little bit of the fuel out and it had no “varnishy” smell and the 442 has high compression 12½:1 and it ran great with high octane fuel.  Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product, and am going to use it in every boat, and every vehicle that I own.  You guys make a product that does better than it says it does, and that’s pretty rare these days.
Thank you!

Robert S.

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your product. I also wanted to write & thank you for how much money you'll be saving me this year.  Every winter I use STA-BIL in my Harley when I put it away for storage. It was recommended by a friend of mine, so I never had to learn from experience about gas going bad, gumming up, etc. Good for that!
STA-BIL is like a license to print money.  Thanks again!

Timothy H.
East Providence, RI

A quick testimonial about your gas additive STA-BIL.  Two years ago I put a commercial mower in storage and placed STA-BIL in the fuel tank per instructions. After two years I removed the mower from storage and it fired right up and ran fine.  Its refreshing to find a product that actually does what it advertises.

Dave M.
Granite City, IL

In past years I always had trouble starting lawn equipment and my motorcycle that are stored for the long Michigan winter. Last fall, upon advise from a friend, I purchased STA-BIL and used it in my lawnmower, garden tractor, weedwacker, chainsaw and motorcycle. To my surprise everything started immediately--even the motorcycle which has 4 carburetors. It was also a pleasant surprise to find your product is American made.

John C.

“Howdy all! My name is Ed Carlson and I am a Guide and Outfitter Captain here on the Red River of the North.

I would like to commend you on your new Blue Marine STA-BIL product. I have been using it since it came out and I am pleased to report Zero fuel or other problems on my boats and ice augers these past 2 seasons...zero...that is a first for me. Performance has most certainly been enhanced as well.

I know it is your product and I am eager and confident in recommending it to my clients and fellow guides here in the USA and Canada. I will not run a motor without it now, you can count on that.”

Captain Ed C

"I have been using Sta-Bil for several years in all my boats and lawn equipment. I know that when I add it to the things I am not going to use for awhile the moment I go to start they start on the first time. There are other stabilizers that work but nothing works as good as Sta-Bil. It's crazy not to use Sta-Bil on the things we spend so much on. When you get ready for the new season it is nice to just start it up and go."

David M


Rich T

"My name is my Michael Maynard I just wanted to drop you-all a line to say how good your product is. I like to think of your product as inexpensive insurance. I am a 57 year old man who retired as a Machinist I know what I am talking about. Thank You Again."

Michael M

"Hi, I live in a small town named Bourget, IN Ontario, Canada. Last fall I purchased a container of STA-BIL from Canadian Tire. I used your product in my 1956 Ford Meteor Rideau. In spring of 2008 when I started my car it cranked over a few times and started like it never did before. I was going to install an electric fuel pump, but now I don't need it. I forgot to mention that I use STA-BIL at every fill up and my car just purrsss."

Richard P

"I have left stores that didn't stock your product to go to stores that I know I could count on to carry STA-BIL."

Matthew P

"I just wanted to let you know how much I've been impressed with your product. In the past I've taken my boat to the dealer because it wouldn't start, and now I know the reason, and your product saved me money this time. What started this whole thing is my 1989 Bronco II that my son and I have. It sat for 8 months and then wouldn't start. I'm sure you know what happened, the gas went bad and varnished the fuel injectors and it wouldn't start. My mechanic and also my friend told me to use your product, and I'm glad he did. I like to give credit to companies that deserve it, especially products made in the USA. I will forever use and promote your product from now on."

Tom C

"Thank you for a Quality product made in the good old U.S.A."

Rick S

“I'm sold on Sta-Bil!”

Krysta S

“Just would like to let you know that while I was in Korea, I used STA-BIL in my car's gas tank. The tank was close to half full, I put STA-BIL in and ran the car for 5 - 10 minutes then left the car inside storage. Three years later I come back to the U.S. and started the car, drove to the gas station and filled up the tank. I don't think it would have started as easy with out your product. Thank You.”


“Thank you for such an outstanding (STA-BIL) product. Thanks for a product that truly made my life better. I added more STA-BIL to the tank while we were on the water so it could run through the lines and carburetor while running back to the ramp.”

Wayne S

"I'm writing to let you know that STA-BIL is an excellent product. I moved out of my house into an apartment almost 2 years ago. My lawn equipment and fuel cans went into storage at that time. At the recommendation of my neighbor, I purchased, and used STA-BIL in all of the fuel, in the cans, and in what was left in the mower, weed-eater, edger, etc. This last weekend, I got my equipment together to do some yard work for my sister. All of the equipment started as though it never went into storage. I'll keep using it, and recommend it to my friends. Great product!"

Robert B

“Your product will forever be with me now and I will tell everyone I know "USE STA-BIL" it really works. Don’t have time for smelly "BAD GAS." Thanks for your product. It proved itself to me!”

Patrick K - An Avid Outdoorsman

“I'm sold on Sta-Bil, never had so little trouble starting a machine after a long storage!”

Steve H

“I just have to give you one big THANKS for STA-BIL. I am convinced that STA-BIL has got to be one of the greatest products on Earth. Thanks for such an incredible product.”

John R. Hall - Hall Mechanical Services Inc.

"I wish to compliment you on an outstanding product. Your STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer goes in the fuel tanks of all my collector Corvettes. Thanks to you, the fuel stays fresh. Your trusted product protects my '63 convertible, '75 convertible, '95 ZR-1, and '99 coupe."

Richard K


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