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If you would like to submit a testimonial for one of our products please contact us and let us know what you think!

NO-LEAK® brand Testimonials

I own a 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser that has been well maintained. Last year my Land Cruiser started to use oil. There were no leaks on the ground or exhaust smoke. I spoke with a Toyota mechanic who told me to change the PCV valve. It helped the idle, but not the oil consumtion. I spoke with him again. He said that the valve seals were leaking, and there are 24 of then on the L-6 engine. He recommended using an oil stop leak additive as he has had luck with such products before. I went to Wal-Mart, and chose No-Leak. It has a guarantee and said it had 2-3 time the leak stopping ngredient of the leading brand. That sealed the deal. I put it in the engine and drove 500 miles and changed the oil. My Land Cruiser has not used any oil in 500 miles since the oil change, a big improvement. I would recommend this product to anyone with a leak problem. It is nice change not having to add oil every week.

Midland, TX

I just noticed a power steering leak on my 98 Deville and was dreading the repair after finding it was the rack that was a problem. I saw videos on youtube and later read the testimonials. I picked up a bottle at Autozone and a turkey baster at Dollar tree to remove the old fluid. I was only able to get half the bottle in due to the size of the reservoir. At first it looked as if the leak had gotten worse but at about 60 miles, the leak stopped and I could not be happier. THIS STUFF WORKS GREAT and as advertised. Thankyou No Leak!

Millbrook, AL

4 years ago I had a oil seal leak on my 32 valve 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII, and I tried all sorts of products. Nothing worked, so I took it to my mechanic who put a new seal in at the cost of over $300.00. Several weeks ago it leaked again, and I came across your No-leak engine oil treatment. I figured, "What the heck, and am I happy I bought it. It is worth 5 times what I paid for it....The leak stopped in less than 125 miles...Talk about a Positive product and ending..

Mr. Positive
Sanford, FL

Six months ago my heater core started leaking...6-800 dollars to replace as the dash had to come out! Instead, I used the heater core sealant and 10,000 miles later not a single drop of leakage.

Delafield, WI

My brothers PS gearbox was leaking and he was pouring all kinds of stop leaks into it. As a stocking stuffer at Christmas, I bought him a bottle of your guaranteed leak fix. He forgot about it for a few months but when he tried it out, was very surprised to see that it worked quite well. Thanks for a product that does what it says it will do.

Oregon City, OR

Hello Gold Eagle, I was so impressed by product I had to write. Plus my wife said I should give you guys credit as analytical and pesimistic as I am. So I bought a used 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, 154,000 miles on the OD, with a small oil leak, well come to find out it was the rear main seal starting to let oil through. I read a testimony online and decided that i would spend 8 buck before $800. I declare the leak stopped in less than 60 miles! It has now been 215 miles since the treatment and my driveway has no spots and still no leak! Thank You so much! I got no leak and Im tellin all my co-workers! I got No more LEAK!


I will be the first to admit that when I have a complaint about a product I have no problem showing my displeasure. I on the other hand have been lax when I product does what it is supposed to. I have been a faithful user of your Sta-bil products for a number of years. I never end a season without putting Sta-bil into the fuel systems of my boat, lawn equipment, snow removal equipment, generator, and reserve gas. Now I have another reason to write you. I have an older Caravan with over 110000miles on it. Well in this economy I need it to continue to work for me. Well a year ago I replaced the power steering pump. Then I noticed a leak under the car Just a month ago. Turns out that the high preasure line from the pump to the rack went. I had to wait 3 days to get it fixed and kept dumping power steering fuild into it. Well exactly 2 days later I noticed a leak again. Turns out that the power steering pump that I replaced was leaking. From the front seal was my best guess. I went to the parts store (Autozone) and was pricing out a new pump. Well the person assiting me point out your No Leak product. I have to admit that even reading the bottle. I didn't think I had a chance. But I did put it in and with in a short distance, NO MORE LEAK..... It has been that way for over a month at this point. So thanks for the product it has been working for me.

Port Vue, PA

I just wanted to say that your product is awesome and it really does work. I have a 2000 Saturn LS1 that had an oil leak coming from the seal in the timing cover. I've tried STP stop leak and Bar's stop leak and they both failed. Before I would pay Aamco $500 to fix the leak, I thought I'd try your product. So I did and two days later, the engine was bone dry. I couldn't believe it! Third time's a charm I always say. Will most definatly use your products in the future..Thanks!

Madisonville, LA

I have a Ford van that's about 10 years old, and last March our heater basically stopped working. Not knowing much about cars, I didn't realize it had anything to do with coolant. But I knew it'd probably be a few hundred dollars to fix (which I didn't have). So we just lived with it. Then a couple months later when it was warmer, I was driving along, and saw the heat gauge all the way on H. I knew that meant the car was in danger and I needed coolant. So I drove straight to get some, and after putting in 2 gallons of 50/50 coolant, the temp. went back to normal. Then about 10 days later, the temp. gauge went back to H, and realized I probably had a leak. Still being broke, and knowing it'd cost a lot more to fix than I could afford, I just kept putting in gallons of 50/50 coolant every 1-2 weeks. I kept thinking I'd have the money to get the thing fixed, but it never happened. And all the while, the coolant stain on the drivers side (front) on our asphalt driveway kept getting bigger. Well, a few weeks ago, I was roaming through a hardware store and saw several coolant leak products in the $6-$12 range. I picked the biggest bottle - NO LEAK - figuring it wasn't much of a risk for 10 bucks. It's late November in Colorado, and with the coolant leak, our heater was only working for short periods of time before it'd lose too much coolant and start blowing cool air. Needless to say, this was becoming a big problem for our family! So I dumped the bottle of NO LEAK into the coolant tank, and it's now been nearly three weeks. The coolant tank is still at the same level (full) that it was when I dumped in the NO LEAK, and our heater is working wonderfully! I am absolutely amazed! But what really makes me wonder is why the guys at the local auto store never suggested this product to me. For months, I kept going in, buying coolant, and explained my coolant leak to them several times. I didn't see NO LEAK in their store and they never suggested any kind of product like this might solve my problem. It took roaming around a hardware store for me to discover it. And all I can say is that I'm damn sure glad I did! :)


i have a chysler engine 3.0l,which was leaking at the oil pump seal.i used your no leak an low an behold the leak stopped.it saved me a lot of work.now if i hear of anyone with an oil leak.i,ll gladly recommend your product.

Port Perry Ontario

I have a 1998 Honda Accord with about 128k miles. It was leaking about a quart of oil every 3 or 4 fill ups for gas. I used your "stop engine leak product" on it about 3 weeks ago and have not a leak whatsoever ever since. I have checked for leaks and oil levels the last 4 fill ups and have not any leaks and the oil level is full. I love this product, I dont know much about cars whatsoever and i was skeptical at first but now I am a true believer and would recommend this outstanding product to anyone. I do know one thing for sure , I have saved a lotta money on repair bills, and that I like!!

Maumelle, AR

I wanted to say thank you and to let others know how good your No leak engine oil treatment is.  I was about to bite the bullet and replace the rear main in my truck.  It leaked so bad it was covering the whole bottom of my truck.  this can be a fire hazard!
as a last resort I tried a bottle of your No leak oil treatment.  and to my surprise(honestly I didn't think it would work) it did!  there isn't one drop of oil on my oil pan or anywhere under the truck.
I'll be using this product as long as you keep making it.
thanks again for saving me a day or two worth of work and headaches!

Randy D.
Cincinnati, OH

Just like to say I have tried alot of oil treatment in my life, and they have not worked like yours did the first time I that I used it. IT WORKS! My 04 Ford F-150 has 100,000 miles on it and when you start it up it has a  puffs of smoke. Witch I have had with a lot of trucks I have owned.My truck with your oil treatment added to it has NOT smoked on start up. I will be using your products all the time. P.S. a lot of products say they are guarnteed but your products work! THANKS

Jeff K
Plover, WI

this product has a magic , i used it for oil leak and for cooler leak and i saved 2,000 $ all i had to pay was $12 amazing thank you NO LEAK!

Rana E.


Mark W.
Westwood, KS

For a year or more I've had a steady drip, drip, drip from the power steering "Rack" (Slave) on my car.. I"ve tried a couple of "Stop Leak" type products, No joy.

A few weeks ago I put in most of a bottle of your NO LEAK, fully figuring on contacting you for a full refund when it did not work any better than the others... Well... I'm contacting you. but I'm not asking for a refund.

The reservoir is full.  It's been full since I added your product to it, and it's still full. I still have that "Part of a bottle" left.

Now on to the next leak,, the brown one (Engine oil).  Wonder if your stuff will work as well there (Hope it does)!

So. here is the statement:

Estimate for replacing the rack, about $1,000, more or less, your product, about $10, more or less.

The engine is about 500 to re-seal. Hope your product works as well there as it did for the steering.

John D.
Detroit, MI

I have an 89 Ford Taurus and 88 Acura Legend. They both have the same mileage of ~164,000 miles.  One leaks out the front seal the other I never looked of found out.  They did leak alot.  The cars are not worth fixing with the price of labor.  Put a bottle of NO LEAK in both of them. It took a few more miles than stated to stop but they did stop and saved the cars and the mess on my drive way. What a deal and a great mechanic in a can product.
Thanks so much.

John B.

Hello, I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate one of your NO-LEAK products (it was for the cooling system). I had a fairly bad antifreeze leak in an old ’95 Ford Windstar that I’ve hung on to for various reasons (kids, college trips, team sports that I coach, etc.). Obviously, I didn’t want to put a lot of money into such an old car, but it still runs and looks fine, so I thought I would try this product. I followed the directions and within a day or two… the leak was gone!!!! I couldn’t believe it! Now, I’m not sure how long it’ll last, but so far….so good!! I’m inclined to try your other products for power steering, brakes, and engine treatment (I have a very minor oil leak). Hopefully, they will work just as well!


Anyway, I’m glad your company makes these products AND they’re made right here in the USA!!
Thank you!!

Tim N.
Libertyville, IL

After having an annoying cooling system leak for some time and trying a few other products to no avail, I ended up trying your NO-LEAK product a few days ago.  I put it in the cooling system in the parking lot where I bought it (Murray's) and then drove home.  The next day I looked under the car and no drips!  Thanks so much, especially in this cold weather, as the leaks affected the heat in the car.  I use the STA-BIL product in my landscaping business for the small engines.
Thanks again.

John C.
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

We have a 2001 Pathfinder with 85,000 miles on it.  Car runs great, but noticed an oil leak in the driveway.  I am not a  mechanic, but can handle a wrench.  I got under the car, tightened all the oil pan bolts, but that didn't stop the leak.
was in Walmart and saw the NO LEAK Engine Stop Leak.  I picked it up and dropped it in.  Within 2 days the leak had stopped!  It's great to know that in a tough economy like we have today, you can trust a product to help you save hundreds of dollars in repairs. 
Thanks NO LEAK!

Fernando M.
Plainfield, IL

I'm definitely sold on the NO-LEAK product (I was familiar with 104+ and STA-BIL already). I added your product to tranny of my leaking Torino while on the Hot Rod PowerTour. My options at the time were a $660 quote to change gaskets, stop the tour and trailer or add your product. Well, thanks to your product I saved $660. I never added another drop of fluid and haven't yet. I made it safely home thanks to your product.

Kevin D.

I have been servicing my own vehicles for over 40 years and have never been a believer in stop leak products...until now. I just used your NO-LEAK engine oil stop leak and does it work! My daughters Buick always leaked oil form the oil pan gasket and also from the front main seal. After adding your product over 2000 miles ago the car HAS NOT LEAKED ANY OIL AT ALL! Your product is remarkable. I am recommending it to everyone I know.

Brian N.

I have a 1996 Cadillac Deville with a Northstar engine. The Cadillac dealer wanted $2800 to fix a leak. One bottle of your NO-LEAK product stopped the leak in 100 miles!

Lavonne O.

I had a quote of $800-1000 to fix several leaks on my 1996 Caravan. I tried other stop leak products but with no success. I saw your product at my local Canadian Tire and bought a bottle. After 1000kms the oil leaks were cut by about 70%. Then after 2000kms the leak was 99% sealed. I have told my friends about NO-LEAK and highly recommend it to them. Thank you very much NO-LEAK!

Albert B.

Last week a mechanic said that i could probably use a new oil pan gasket to stop a leak on my 1997 Pontiac Transport. However, since this was so costly I decided to go to my local Walmart and try a stop leak. Your NO-LEAK product had a double money back guarantee so i couldn't refuse. i put it in and in ONE day after driving about 20 miles I SEE NO MORE DRIPPING ON THE GARAGE FLOOR!!! Least to say I can't believe it worked and worked so fast!

Wlater W.

When I purchased a bottle of the NO-LEAK power steering treatment and saw the double money back guarantee I was sure I was going to be sending in for the refund. Well the product worked wonderfully! Its gratifying, for once, to use something that actually works and for it to be backed with a guarantee. I will certainly recommend your product to anyone else who needs it.

John B.

I recently purchased a bottle of your engine oil stop leak from Walmart for my 1986 Chevy truck. Much to my surprise the engine stopped leaking oil after a few hundred miles. That was two weeks ago and it continues to be leak free! My local mechanic told me it needed all oil seals to be replaced. You saved the day and my wallet. You truly have an amazing product!

Dave W

I own a 1998 Caravan with almost 200,000 miles. The only problem I've had recently is a persistent engine oil leak. I've never believed in engine or radiator leak products but I recently saw a container of your engine stop leak and thought "What the heck! It can't hurt, might help." I added it to my engine oil and guess what? It stopped by leak. Congratulations! You have made a believer out of me.

Paul H.

I have two vehicles that developed power steering leaks. I used other products but had to refill the reservoir every 200 miles. I tried your NO-LEAK on my 1991 Thunderbird and it stopped the leak. So, I recently tried to find it again at Walmart to fix my 1996 Intrepid but they no longer carried it. I used a competitor again but they didn't work. Finally I found it at Autozone and presto...it worked! Keep up the good work and I will tell everyone about your product.

Dave S

After wasting over $800 trying to stop a leak in my 1991 Chevy wagon I purchased a bottle of your NO-LEAK product. I heard your radio ad and my wife convinced me to try this as a last resort. After 2 weeks of driving I am no longer seeing any drip in my pan on the garage floor. I am very happy to be able to keep my car. Thank you.

Robert L

About a month ago the power steering pump on my 1993 Ford truck started leaking. I spotted your product at a local Walmart and decided to try it since I was blowing thru power steering fluid every week...The power steering unit stopped squealing and the leak disappeared! It has been over two week and still no leak. Thank you for your product. Your product, your company and your people have really impressed me.

David S

I have had a SERIOUS power steering leak for about 2 years and have tried just about everything on the market I could find. I was told it would cost $1100 to fix my leak on my 1989 Lincoln Town Car that has 275,000 miles on it. Everytime I would make a left turn it would dump fluid; and after about 3 turns my reservior would be empty. A week ago Sunday I put a bottle of your NO-LEAK product in a drove it 200 miles on a short trip. I have not had to add ANY FLUID for over a week!!! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a product that works like it says on the bottle. This was a first for me. Not near enough outlets carry your NO-LEAK products in Lincoln...they should, because they work.
Thank You ( I never write to anyone about a product)

George G.
Licoln, NE

In regards to your product "NO-LEAK" Power Steering Sealer, this product is the best.! After rebuilding a power steering box on my 1986 Chevy Suburban and still having it leak on the driveway then going thru power steering fluid every 3-4 week I decided to try your NO-LEAK product. I tried other so called stop leaks and they didn't work so I decided to step up and pay $6 for your product. To my surprise it worked! It's worth every penny. Thanks for a product that delivers what it says on the bottle.

Frank B.
Red Lion, PA


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