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#1 Selling Gas-Line Antifreeze & Water Remover

HEET® brand is the #1 Selling Gas-Line Antifreeze & Water Remover. It removes water from the fuel system to prevent gas-line freeze-up and harmful rust and corrosion. ISO-HEET® brand is the #1 Selling Premium Fuel-line Antifreeze, Water Remover & Injector Cleaner. It absorbs 5 times more water than regular gas-line antifreeze, while it cleans fuel injectors and carburetors. It’s designed for use year-round in ALL 2-cycle and 4-cycle gasoline engines and diesel engines.

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HEET Testimonials

My wife and I were on vacation, headed to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We filled up with "premium" gasoline at a little gas station in the middle of nowhere. An hour later the engine just died. I thought for sure our vacation was going to be ruined. We were hours from civilization. I managed to nurse the car the last hour to the Grand Canyon. It would stall every few minutes, but then restart. When I got to the Grand Canyon I went to their filling station and saw that they had two bottles of HEET on the shelf. I bought both of them and poured one of them in the tank. The problem was solved INSTANTLY! There was no more hesitation or stalling after that! HEET saved our vacation. I kept the second bottle as a souvenir.

Clayton, NC

My Nissan Quest 94 had problem of losing power. Every time I accelerated it does not move as fast as it should, and it is very embarrassing when going up hill or start at traffic lights because cars behind were very impatient. I took it to different auto mechanics and they replaced all spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, fuel injectors, knox sensors, ...etc costed me thousands, but it still not improving.

Today I met an old guy retired from Bell Labs at Walmart who said my gas tank must have water and guessed that I must have gotten cheap gas which I did. He told me to buy "Dry Gas" to remove the water in gas tank, which Walmart Piscataway NJ's shelf did not have, so I went to Pep Boys and asked, they pointed me to the yellow Heet bottle. So I just poured into my fuel tank with less than half tank of gas, and when I drove the van home, I felt immediately differently. The power seemed to come back a lot, and I could easily accelerated to 40 miles which is good enough for local roads.

Mr. Cheng

After filling up with liquid gold ($4.00 p/gallon gas)  My check engine light immediately came on and my truck idled so bad it would barely pull itself.  After reading online I could have possibly bought bad gas, I purchased two bottles of ISO-HEET and dumped both into about 15 gallons of fuel.

The next morning, my truck started right up and idles smooth.  All the power is there, and it's like nothing ever happened!

At $2.50 per bottle, ISO-HEET is pretty darn hard to BEAT!  I'll always keep a few bottles on hand now!


hello,my pontoon boat in east tenn.ran bad all spring i tried everthing as far as additives .then this weekend trid ddet with a new fuel filter boat runs like it was new again thanks to heet.

Bartlett, TN

Thank you so much for a wonderful product. I had the misfortune of getting some bad gas in my car last week and after a 55.00 trip to my mechanic where he could not find what the problem was, and day's of a rough running car and worry on my dad's advice I put some heet in the red bottle in my gas tank and by the next morning it fired right up and took off like a new car. It would barely run before that with no power and would sputter and die and would not pull a hill. I just wanted to commend your company for offering a product that can fix a car so cheaply and fast after bad gas has been put in.  I will be a Heet user and promoter for life!!!! Thanks so much!!!


I just wanted to tell you how overwhelmingly impressed I am with your product. I feel as if your product single handedly keeps my car running throughout the winter. Your fuel line anti-freeze helps my car start everymorning and keeps my car running smooth! Thanks for such an affordable and amazing product!

Lawrence, KS

I want to say what a fantastic product you have in HEET Windshield De-Icer. It works 100% better than Prestone De-Icer. During the winter there's frost on my windows almost every AM. With HEET, it's gone before I even get back in the car!!! Thanks for a great product. I've told my co-workers about it too.

Jan Hicks
Baden, PA

HEET De-Icer works great. I bought some extra aerosol cans to last winter to have ready for this winter. I was shopping and saw a trigger spray bottle of Rain-X De Icer at Wal-Mart and I thought I'd try it. I would not recommend this product to anyone. It was a waste of money for me to buy 3 spray containers. There is no quick melting with the defroster running. It does not melt at 20 degrees much less at the -25 that is listed on the bottle.
What did I do this morning at 10 degrees? Go to the basement and get my can of HEET. **This product has quick melting action and melted the ice with no problem. I will stock up on this product for sure. Don't discontinue or change your great product. I am on the road a lot and your product is wonderful. Thanks Again

jolean fox
325 Mills br rd. sylva , NC

Hi, Just a few words to let you know how close your products are to our family. Our son is currently in Iraq and we have been taking care of his truck that is in storage with your fuel stabilizer and antifreeze products. We are also a big supporter of the products through the LSMRA and my husband uses these products to race his lawn mower. Attached is a picture of our recent race in Bryan Texas where he came in 1st place in the BP division. This was his first win and as you can see it was a very lifting experience. Thank you for all you do with your products and the support of the USLMRA/LSMRA. I cant get him to mow the lawn because he is always racing his mower, GIZMOW, thanks again, from a lawn mower racing widow.

Teresa C.
Dallas, TX

I have used these products for years and if i ever need to use the other products i'm sure they will perform as well as i have come to expect from your products!

Joel M.
Brandon, SD

I've been using Heet for years and just started using Iso-Heet. I hope the results are as fabulous as the regular Heet. Great products!

Carl J.

We experienced a blizzard Christmas eve / day with over a foot of snow, high winds, and temps well below zero. I drove my 96 GMC Suburban over to my in-laws to help them dig out. I drove through many un-plowed roads with over 2 foot drifts. The truck ran fine. I parked it Saturday afternoon after topping off the 42 gallon fuel tank. I drove the truck to work Monday morning. It ran fine. I got ready to leave work at 4 pm and the truck turned over but would not start. Further research and consultation suggested that the fuel pump had failed. I replaced the fuel pump 4 years ago when I purchased the truck. Replacing the fuel pump is a very labor intesive job due to the fact that the fuel tank must be removed. The cost was nearly $700. I made an appointment to have the truck towed on the following Wednesday. In the meantime, my boss suggested that we push the truck inside our heated warehouse and pour 2 bottles of Heet into the 42 gallon tank. I told him that I had heard that using Heet was useless. The ethanol in gasoline was doing the same thing Heet would do. Was I wrong! After letting the truck sit inside for most of the day, I added 2 bottles of Heet to the tank. It still would not start after the Heet was in the tank for 4 hours, so we pushed the truck back outside and let it sit overnite in zero degree weather. The tow truck was to arrive the next morning around 9 am. I went out a 8 am to open the truck doors and make sure that none of them had frozen shut overnite. On a whim, I thought I might try to start the truck one last time before the tow truck arrived. My truck STARTED RIGHT UP! The only thing we can figure is that driving through the tall drifts packed snow around the fuel line which runs along the frame on the passenger side. Putting the truck inside for 8 hours and pouring 2 bottles of Heet in the tank saved me hundreds of dollars in towing, diagnostics, and repair charges. I am now a life long user and have put Heet in all 3 of my SUV's!

Jim A.
Omaha, NE

On family vacations at KY Lake (West KY) with bass boat.  Switched fuel tanks & outboard spit & sputtered like crazy. Friend recommended your product.  Got bottle of Iso-HEET (since bottle stated was OK for 2-cycle engines) from Shop-a-Rama in Draffenville, KY. Poured it in & motor ran like a champ rest of time. Ensured a much more enjoyable vacation knowing outboard was now dependable enough to leave the immediate area around our dock.

Thanks for a great product!

Dale H.
Mayfield, KY

During our ice storms this product surpassed any other on the market. As an additional benefit I liked the fact that it contained no CFC's. Thank you again for your great product and special efforts to make a safer environment for us all. I thought a good compliment would be nice to receive in a world of many complaints. I will tell everyone I know about this product.

Carole H.

I have a 1956 Rambler Classic. It sits in my garage for December to April. This last April it ran ok except for missing when trying to hold a steady speed. After replacing plugs, points, rotor, distributor cap and fuel filter it still ran poorly. A friend told me to add a bottle of HEET. I did and the car runs and purrs like a kitten. Your product and research ar A-1. Keep up the good work.

D. Eichhorn

I would like to make a comment on your extra fine high quality product, Iso-HEET. Especially now a days when the fast paced lifestyles of the public seem to take a lot of things for granted. I have purchase other but to my own personal opinion, for the best and finest in keeping fuel system clean of deposits and moisture, I have chosen the finest is this class...none other than Iso-HEET. Others can be compared but Iso-HEET stands alone in this class.

Carl K

We just wanted to write to you and say that your ISO-HEET is a great product. It isn't often that a product actually works these days, but your's is terrific. One little bottle saved us thousands on a new tractor - which we no longer need.

Ed R

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting twist off caps on your HEET product! Living in WI we use it a lot & I was afraid of losing teeth trying to open it on many occasions.
Thanx again,

Lisa H.

Your HEET 'dry gas' is one of the BEST products I have ever used! You could charge ten times that price and it would still be one of the BEST products I ever used.


Just wanted to drop a line to you folks to say THANK YOU!!! HEET (yellow bottle) saved my butt and my 78 Toyota FJ40.



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