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Meet the executives at Gold Eagle, an industry pioneer producing some of the world's best marine fuel stabilizers, fuel system revitalizers and other automotive products.
To connect further with our executive team, please feel free to contact them at:
executives@goldeagle.com or


Meet the Team

The People Behind it All
From the Best Marine Fuel Stabilizer to a Powerful Fuel System Revitalizer...
...and everything in between.

How does a small family business weather decades of economic storms to become
an international leader producing some of the world's most trusted automotive brands?

Simple. By hiring great leaders. Here are ours.

Bob Hirsch
ChairmanBob Hirsch

In 2002, Ernst & Young named Bob Hirsch, along with his brother, Rich, an Entrepreneur of the Year. And for good reason: the chairman’s company policies are as innovative as Gold Eagle’s miracle-working products. Bob’s management philosophy is simple: Familiarize employees with the Gold Eagle mission and then let them do their jobs. It’s this autonomous work environment that led Inc. Magazine to name Gold Eagle a Winning Workplace in 2011.

Bob didn’t always know he wanted to be an essential member of the Gold Eagle team. Originally, his sights were set on a law degree from Northwestern University. But a year of law school showed him that no legal career could ever be as rewarding as serving the remarkable company his father founded.

In addition to overseeing operations, Bob functions as chairman for an internal board that meets monthly and an advisory board that meets quarterly.

Rich HirschRich Hirsch
Vice President & Board Member

Rich practiced general business law for seven years, but it was only a matter of time before he came to the helm of Gold Eagle. We’re glad he made the switch. Ernst & Young thought it was a good move, too; the firm recently named him an Entrepreneur of the Year.


As vice president, Rich helps guide business strategy and navigate legal issues. He’s also a member of the company’s board of directors.

Marc Blackman
President & CEOMarc Blackman

Ever wonder what could cause someone to leave the wine business? Ask Marc. He was a manager at E&J Gallo Winery when he decided to join the automotive aftermarkets industry. The reason? An outstanding family business with solid Midwestern family values.

Marc's responsibilities as president and CEO include everything from sales and marketing to manufacturing and distribution to IT and finance. Yes, we keep him busy. He doesn't seem to mind, though. In fact, when he's not at the office he's usually active elsewhere. He's volunteered and served as a committee chair for more community and industry organizations than we can realistically keep track of, and even founded a Global Automotive Network at the Young President's Organization.

Randy LevyRandy Levy

As Gold Eagle's CFO, Randy oversees...well, just about every financial aspect of the company, from accounting and taxes to product and risk management. He even supervises the organization's IT activities.

Randy joined Gold Eagle in 1993 after a stint as senior auditor for the CPA firm Blackman-Kallick, where he performed public accounting work -- such as auditing and taxation -- for middle market clients. There were a lot of things about being a consultant that he enjoyed. But his real passion is in the strategic operational aspects of running a business like Gold Eagle.

Howard Donnally
EVP of Sales, Customer Advocacy, & Product EngineeringHoward Donnally

Howard's title belies all he does. Technically, our vice president of sales is also in charge of customer advocacy and product engineering. In fact, he oversees three of Gold Eagle's departments: Original Equipment (OEM) and Private Label Manufacturing, Retail Business and International Business.

How does he do it all? Well, for starters, he has a real affinity for Gold Eagle's customers and partners. (Who wouldn't?) He's also experienced at managing multiple groups; before joining Gold Eagle, Howard was a group manager for Genuine Parts Company stores in Florida, where he oversaw operations for 12 NAPA Auto Parts shops.

Howard wears many hats, but his primary goal is always the same: provide extreme value that helps customers and partners grow their own businesses.

Mike Profetto
VP of Product Engineering
Mike Profetto
Mike Profetto has worn many hats since starting at Gold Eagle three decades ago. Today, he serves as vice president of product engineering. The role involves a wide-ranging list of responsibilities including new product development, regulatory and product safety requirements, environmental health, contract packaged products...and the list goes on.

Suffice it to say, Mike's vast experience (he holds three patents) and education (he has multiple degrees) have made him a priceless asset to Gold Eagle. He's past president of the Petroleum Packaging Council and is a member of many professional societies.

Plus, he's a great example of Gold Eagle's customer-focused approach in action. Facing a tough business challenge? He'll help solve it. Struggling to grow your business? Mike's bound to have some great suggestions.

Rick Schwab
VP of International Sales
Rick Schwab
Rick's our jetsetter. In any given year, he visits as many as 70 countries. His mission: to identify key markets and suitable international partners for Gold Eagle brands. He's also on the lookout for specific markets where our U.S. brands will be well-received. It's a good thing he loves to travel and meet customers and prospects face-to-face.

As vice president of the company's international operations, Rick makes sure the entire international team answers all questions, calls and email within 24 hours. Why? Because transparency and proactive communication is key to developing lasting, working partnerships.

Before joining our team, Rick helped manufacturer of consumer houseware products firm Selfix reach a level of international success that allowed the company to go public. When it came time for Gold Eagle to spread its global wings, he was the perfect fit.

Tim Stitt
VP of Private Brand & Installer GroupsTimothy Stitt

Who doesn't love working with Tim Stitt? One customer recently named him their official salesperson of the year, and he's been known to accept an accolade or two from the original equipment manufacturers he works with.

We think he's pretty great, too. As our vice president of private brand and installer groups, Tim manages all aspects of Gold Eagle's private label segment, which includes 25 OEMs. "Gold Eagle has always had great brands," he says. "And they complement the great brands of our private label customers."

Before he joined Gold Eagle in 1998 (an opportunity he says he "jumped at"), Tim was a specialty products sales manager at Lilly Industries in Michigan.

Ray JablonskiRay Jablonski
EVP of Operations

Ray Jablonski came to Gold Eagle in 1983 from Schulze & Burch Biscuit Company, where he was the purchasing manager.

As executive vice president of operations, Ray is responsible for our distribution center as well as manufacturing, quality control, material planning, purchasing, scheduling, and shipping and receiving. He's also the account manager for Gold Eagle's largest private brand customer.

Yes, it's a lot. But like every Gold Eagle executive, Ray handles it all enthusiastically and gracefully. That's because he takes his primary responsibility -- following through on every commitment made to Gold Eagle customers -- very seriously.

Dan StewartDan Stewart
VP of Human Resources

Like most members of the team, Dan joined Gold Eagle after hearing about the company's strong reputation. It's not that his prior job as human resources director at Fitch Ratings wasn't a good one. But he'd heard a lot about how Gold Eagle treats employees as assets in a down-to-earth work environment, and wanted in.

After years of overseeing recruiting, compensation, employee relations, training, development and much more, he has this to say about the company's human resources policies:

"Happy employees = happy customers. This is why Gold Eagle is so successful. It's an environment where people want to work, and we provide the benefits and compensation to demonstrate how much we value them."

Jim SillJim Sill
VP Operational Development

It's been more than 30 years - since 1979, to be exact - since Jim Sill joined the Gold Eagle team. Since he came on board, Gold Eagle has been selected for a number of honors and accolades, including a recent safety award. (He had a lot to do with that one).

Producing great products, in Jim's eyes, all comes down to taking care of the employees who make them. That means keeping them secure and safe and ensuring their manufacturing plant remains top-of-the-line. As our vice president of maintenance, facilities and safety, Jim does all this and much more.

Tom Bingham
Director of MarketingTom Bingham

Tom's philosophy on a good corporate marketing strategy? "It's all about the customer." And so it goes in Gold Eagle's Marketing Department. Tom ensures his team spends a lot of time listening to what our customers -- the partners and gatekeepers selling our brands to consumers -- are saying. He puts it this way:

"They're closer to the consumer than anyone at Gold Eagle, so we really listen to what they tell us. Customers know we'll do virtually anything to ensure they have an adequate stock of quality products to sell at a fair price." Before coming on board, Tom was in charge of marketing and development for ACCO's Apollo brand.



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