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When you work with Gold Eagle - be it to stock your shelves with quality automotive products or keep your own boat in great condition - every experience will be a pleasant one. Why? Because you'll interact with a team that's guided by a set of authentic, customer-focused values.

Yes, the official document includes words like "commitment" and "integrity" - terminology that's overused in corporate speak. At Gold Eagle, such language is taken seriously. Always has been. Always will be. Our founder had a vision - not only of growing an international company, but of creating a workplace employees enjoy and business customers come back year after year after year.

That vision came true.

Gold Eagle's brands are number one sellers because we're truly committed to producing flawless automotive solutions. Clients are loyal because they find it a joy to work with employees who are genuinely invested in their success. These achievements trace back to Gold Eagle's mission statement and values. They are the words every employee lives by, day in and day out. 

It All Starts with Our Mission Statement... 

Gold Eagle's core purpose is to provide products that protect, preserve and perform. Our vision is that Gold Eagle will become THE recognized leader of innovative solutions for products that Protect, Preserve and Perform while also sustaining the environment. We are in the business of preventing and curing engine performance problems for people who own, operate and service a wide variety of automotive and non-automotive engines.

We satisfy these needs by developing, manufacturing and marketing various engine performance and maintenance products that are distributed through retail, OEM, and wholesale channels.

...And Is Made Possible By Our Core Values

Core Value #1: Balance

The guiding philosophy is simple: Happy staff = happy customers. We believe employees won't be excited about helping clients, no matter how great the job, if work is all they do. That's why we've created a culture where work-life balance is a priority. At Gold Eagle, this means: 

 - Setting boundaries around work. (Yes, weekends can be a time of rejuvenation.) 
 - Making time for self, family and friends. 
 - Providing flexibility to address individual needs. 
 - Understanding that more - more hours, more emails, more meetings - is not necessarily better. Often, it's just more.

Core Value #2: Commitment

Around here, employees are measured by the quality of their work - not just the number of hours they spend at the office. This works, in part, because we hire carefully. Gold Eagle screens not only for talent and experience, but also for genuine commitment to the company and its customers. As a result, we're staffed by smart, hard-working, fantastic people who:

 - Continuously invest the time and effort needed to make a difference.
 - Do whatever it takes to produce high-quality results. 
 - Take intentional and deliberate action.
 - Show up, happily, even when the job's not easy.

Core Value #3: Customer Focus

There's a lot going on behind the scenes at Gold Eagle. Any time you buy, sell, promote or use our products, dozens of employees are involved in making your experience a good one. This is because we empower employees to:
 - Take time to build rapport with customers and gain an understanding of their needs. 
 - Provide timely, relevant service. (Red tape? What's that?)
 - Listen (and, more importantly, respond to) customer expectations. 
 - Do everything possible to ensure every experience with Gold Eagle is a delight.
 - Recognize that customers are inside the company, too. (Ever wonder why your sales rep is so helpful? They are armed with a wealth of knowledge from their own internal service providers - Gold Eagle's manufacturing and marketing departments.

Core Value #4: Integrity

We're an honest bunch. Truly. (Pun intended.) Our product labels don't exaggerate and our employees don't conceal shortcomings. After all, it's pretty tough to reach an 80-year anniversary as a leader in your industry with anything but transparency and reliability. At Gold Eagle, this all goes back to the timeless principles we believe should govern all organizations and relationships:
 - Say what you mean and mean what you say.
 - Do the right thing, even when it's hard.
 - Listen with the intent to understand.
 - Be more concerned about what is right than who is right.
 - Act congruently with your deepest values and beliefs.

Core Value #5: Quality

There's a reason Gold Eagle's products are trusted by Lou Manfredini and Babe Winkleman. They're the best on the market, thanks to our never-wavering commitment to quality. At Gold Eagle, this means:
 - Ensuring all products flawlessly perform as stated. 
 - Committing to continuous improvement of our line. 
 - Proactively solving the rare problem by forgetting blame, rolling up our sleeves, and working together to find the best solution.  


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